Staying young and beautiful – as well as natural – is possible without necessarily having recourse to aesthetic or plastic surgery. Anti-age and acts of aesthetic medicine can be carried out during a lunch hour, and you can return to the office the same day, or even just before the weekend, allowing you to go back to work on Monday morning.

Using aesthetic medicine to redraw the face and body, and erase wrinkles

45% of people who use aesthetic medicine consider it as a necessity, and not as a luxury. More than six hundred thousand botox and hyaluronic acid injections, and three hundred thousand laser treatments were administered in France alone in 2011. This figure is a lot lower than in China and the United States, but represents a clear social trend.

Different machines and types of laser allow for the treatment of fatty deposits (love handles), skin related conditions (fungal nail disease, molluscum), sagging skin, wrinkles and skin quality. Threads and injections treat wrinkles, restore facial volumes and improve skin quality.

Tensile threads, laser, injections : alternatives to plastic surgery and face/body lifts

What this flotilla of techniques offers is the ability to restructure and harmonise the face. It’s not about denying one’s age, but to give the face the key elements of youth: a fresher skin, and well distributed volumes.
Loss of volume is compensated, the face is lifted, and any heaviness in the lower face is reduced.
The facial oval is redefined, and jowls are eliminated.
But aesthetic medicine has its limits, and it cannot treat excess skin or major drooping.
A bright complexion is revaled with hyaluronic acid injections, peels, mesotherapy and laser treatment. Marks and redness are diminished, pores closed, the skin tone is evened out and the production of new collagen is stimulated.

Aesthetic treatments for the neck, face and body

fils tenseurs corps

Thread lift

botox botulique


acide hyaluronique

Hyaluronic acid injections

cryolipolyse laser


laser treatments aesthetic medicine

Laser treatments

cavitation laser


lampes flash ipl

IPL/ Flash Lamp


Radiofrequency treatment

ulhtérapie lifting

Ultherapy: non-surgical facelift

biostimulation led

Low-level laser therapy , LED

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