A thorough dermo-aesthetic consultation using appropriate tools is essential to evaluate the condition of the skin, and changes which are not yet visible to the naked eye.

What happens during your skin diagnosis consultation at the Paris clinic

I build a cutaneous summary of your skin, which is scientific, objective and can be reproduced.

Parameters analysed include: texture, vascularisations, pigment problems, sebaceous secretion, pore size, hydration levels, micro and macro relief ( lines and wrinkles ).
Following this summary, I will create a prescription of medical cosmetic treatments personalised to your skin ( antioxydants, hydratants, fruit acids ) and discuss an aesthetic treatment plan according to your skin’s needs, including laser treatment, peels, pulsed light, injections and mesotherapy.

Skin types

Many types of skin exist, and each needs specific treatment which is not suitable for other types of skin.
– Dry skin is characterised by a lack of water and lipid content in the stratum corneum or outermost layer of the epidermis. The thinned-out hydrolipid film present at the skin’s surface is too permeable and the skin dries out easily.Dry skin looks thin, with a dense, tight texture. It can appear dull and feel tight, tingly or itchy. This cutaneous dryness can be permanent or temporary, induced by external climatic or cosmetic agents.
– Oily skin is linked to sebum excess, which gives it a shiny appearance. The skin is thick, with an irregular surface and dilated pores. Oily skin is susceptible to the development of blackheads, micro-cysts, spots or acne.
– Combination skin is characterised by the coexistence on the same face of a greasy zone ( the T-zone: nose, forehead, chin ) and a dry zone ( cheeks, temples ).
– Normal skin is relatively balanced: sebaceous activity is neither too weak nor excessive. The skin texture is regular, and the complexion relatively uniform.


This page is purely informative, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ordre of Doctors.It is not a publicity for treatments .

How your skin can benefit from aesthetic medicine

prp plasma

PRP injections (Platelet rich plasma)

acide hyaluronique Restylane

 Hyaluronic acid
Restylane Skin Booster


Mesolift injections



Dermaroll and needling

peeling tca

 TCA PRX –T33 peel

peeling profond

Deep peeling


Superficial and medium peeling

pores dilatés

Dilated and enlarged pores

nettoyage de peau


alopécie cheveux

Alopecia, hair loss

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