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Skin cleaning : microdermabrasion

The skin is the first line of defence against external attack. Cleaning the skin allows us to eliminate toxins and dead skin cells which collect on the surface, and stop it from breathing, leading to skin problems like seborrhoea ( excessive sebum ), acne, dull complexions and pigment problems.

image microdermabrasion in paris

Skin cleaning can play a part in seasonal skin upkeep ( with 2 to 4 sessions per year ) : it can also be the start of a new skin regime; it might also be proposed as a gentle and effective treatment in itself for acne, pigmentation marks, dull complexions, and dehydrated skin.

The apparatus, thanks to its diamond point tool, ensures the exfoliation of damaged surface cells, deep cleaning, lymphatic drainage, fibroblast ( skin cell ) stimulation, and infusion into the skin of topical solutions which respond to the needs of each patient ( 4 solutions are available, depending upon the problem targeted: acne, dehydration, dull complexion, and pigment problems ).

image skin exfoliation cosmetic doctor in paris

SilkPeel technology does not use crystals, thus there is no risk of irritation during the dermabrasion process from crystal or other abrasive particles.

What happens during the session at the Parisian medical clinic?

A facial treatment lasts 20, whilst 30 minutes are needed for the neck and décolletage.
image skin cleaning in paris

After diamond point exfoliation and infusion of the solution adapted to your skin problem, a mask and a cream are applied.
Visible results can be seen after the first treatment, and optimum results are seen after 4 to 6 treatments at a space of 7 to 10 days.

Uses concerning skin cleaning

All skin types can be effectively treated, including sensitive, acneic, erythematic (red and broken veined), tanned and black skins.
It can treat the face, the neck, the décolletage, the hands and the body, if required.

The main uses are :

– Giving a healthy glow to dull and tired skin
A vitamin c solution is infused : this is a mix of antioxidants, vitamins C and E, aloes and allantoin to lighten dull skin, calm, hydrate and protect the skin against sun damage.

– Improving skin hydration and texture
A hydrating solution is infused : this is a mix of nutritional and calming ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, aloe and camomile, refreshing even the most dehydrated skin.

– Pigmentation problems
A lightening solution is infused : this is a mix of active ingredients and peptides which encourage the reduction of pigment marks by inhibiting tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the production of melanin in the skin.

– Treatment of oily and acneic skin
A clarifying solution is infused : the combination of abrasion and deep infusion of a mix of salicylic acid and aloe clarifies oily skin, unblocks pores, corrects skin imperfections and significantly reduces acne.

Side effects of micro-dermabrasion

The session is completely painless and leaves no marks.
You can go back to your normal activities straight after your treatment.

Cosmetic treatment by microdermabrasion : before and after photos

Cosmetic treatment by microdermabrasion paris before and after photos

For more images go to : www.dr-romano-esthetique.com/en/results-before-after/microdermabrasion/

This page is purely informative, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ordre of Doctors.It is not a publicity for treatments .


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