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Superficial Peeling: Fruit Acid Peeling

Superficial peels are peels that cause an exclusively epidermal exfoliation.
The chemical substances responsible for this action are alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), the leader of which is glycolic acid. Others are also known such as mandelic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid.

picture depth superficial and medium peel paris


Uses of superficials peels

– Prevention of skin ageing: superficial peels are the best current prevention method.
– Treating early signs of ageing.
– Treating pigmentation : the start of sun spots.
– Treating acne : this is a very good method for slowing acne and blurring light scars.
– Treating a rough or dull complexion.
– Treating dilated pores.
– Treating greasy skin.


The contraindications are:
– Skin infection or herpes lesion.
– Contact skin allergy.
– Take acne treatment.

Superficial Peeling session

Instructions prior to peel

– Start using the glycolic acid preparation prescribed by your doctor 15 days prior to the peel, and if possible four weeks beforehand.
– Starting the week before, and lasting throughout the peels, you must avoid: clay masks, self-tans, scrubs, exfoliate supplements, essential oils, aggressive techniques such as laser epilation or laser treatments..
– Exposure to the sun is forbidden beforehand: basically, the skin must not be tanned. It is also forbidden afterwards, in order to avoid a pigmentary reaction. However, outside activity is allowed, even during sunny periods, but a total sun block should be worn, tinted if possible.
– For anti-acne peels, you must stop anti-acne treatments one week before the peel: TRETINOINE (Retin A or Renova, vitamin A acid)-PEROXIDES-DIFFERINE (ADAPALENE), TAZORAC or Avage (TAZAROTENE). You must wait for 6 months after stopping ROACCUTANE before starting a peel.

Peel procedure 

The peeling itself takes place in three stages: firstly, a pre-peel using glycolic acid prepares the skin, then the peel itself is applied (you will feel light stinging) and then, depending on the type of peel the relevant cream is applied. This cream is part of the peel and must not be washed off until the day after.

At the end of the peel the skin is red/ pink and pulls a bit. You can resume your normal activities straight .

image deroulement peeling superficiel paris


For the maximum of the result it is necessary to realize 3 to 6 sessions (according to the skins) with 15 days of interval. Nevertheless a boost and a small tension of the skin are visible after each session.

AHAs cause exfoliation, thus the elimination of dead superficial cells. They also have an action on the dermis because they stimulate the synthesis of certain dermal components including collagen and elastin.

After effects and risks of peels

Redness will last for several hours.

Superficial peels can lead to a skin irritation, or pigmentation problems if exposed to the sun.

Cosmetic treatment by superficial medium peel : before and after photos

Cosmetic treatment by superficial medium peel paris before and after photos

For more images go to : www.dr-romano-esthetique.com/en/results-before-after/superficial-medium-peel/

This page is purely informative, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ordre of Doctors.It is not a publicity for treatments .

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