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Superficial and average peeling : face and body

This is a dermatological act which provokes the skin to slough off, with the aim of stimulating its regrowth.

Depending on the depth of penetration, superficial peels aim to slough off a part of the epidermis, whilst medium peels penetrate to the epidermis and dermal layers, deep phenol peels reach the dermal layer but can be dangerous for the skin and heart and are thus hardly ever carried out in France.

Image structure of the skinpicture depth superficial and medium peel paris


Sun damage causes structural damage to the skin, leading to a loss of dermal volume, broken elastic fibres, the appearance of elastosic bumps, a loss of reticular fibres and vacuolisation of the epidermis.

Peels lead to skin exfoliation and stimulate the cells which make the skin, with a growth in glycosaminoglycan and a change in collagen quality, leading to a general dermal thickening.

Uses of superficials peels

– Prevention of skin ageing: superficial peels are the best current prevention method.
– Treating early signs of ageing.
– Treating pigmentation : the start of sun spots.
– Treating acne : this is a very good method for slowing acne and blurring light scars.
– Treating a rough or dull complexion.
– Treating dilated pores.
– Treating greasy skin.

Uses of medium peels 
image safe chimical peel

– Acne scarring.
– Giving radiance.
– Skin ageing : elastose, lines and wrinkles.
– Ingrowing hair.

Rhythm and number of sessions for treatment at the Parisian medical clinic

Only one session is necessary for medium peels: four sessions with an interval of 15 days are needed for superficial peels.

Instructions prior to peel

– Start using the glycolic acid preparation prescribed by your doctor 15 days prior to the peel, and if possible four weeks beforehand.
– Starting the week before, and lasting throughout the peels, you must avoid: clay masks, self-tans, scrubs, exfoliate supplements, essential oils, aggressive techniques such as laser epilation or laser treatments..
– Exposure to the sun is forbidden beforehand: basically, the skin must not be tanned. It is also forbidden afterwards, in order to avoid a pigmentary reaction. However, outside activity is allowed, even during sunny periods, but a total sun block should be worn, tinted if possible.
– For anti-acne peels, you must stop anti-acne treatments one week before the peel: TRETINOINE (Retin A or Renova, vitamin A acid)-PEROXIDES-DIFFERINE (ADAPALENE), TAZORAC or Avage (TAZAROTENE). You must wait for 6 months after stopping ROACCUTANE before starting a peel.

Peel procedure in Paris

The peeling itself takes place in three stages: firstly, a pre-peel using glycolic acid prepares the skin, then the peel itself is applied (you will feel light stinging) and then, depending on the type of peel the relevant cream is applied. This cream is part of the peel and must not be washed off until the day after.

At the end of the peel the skin is red/ pink and pulls a bit, with occasional swelling. You can resume your normal activities straight after a superficial peel, and after three days of time off following a medium peel.

After effects and risks of peels

Redness will last for several hours after superficial peels; some facial swelling and scabs might last for three to seven days after a medium peel.

Superficial peels can lead to a skin irritation, or pigmentation problems if exposed to the sun. Medium peels can lead to persistent redness (which can be covered with make-up) or infection.

Cosmetic treatment by superficial medium peel : before and after photos

Cosmetic treatment by superficial medium peel paris before and after photos

For more images go to : www.dr-romano-esthetique.com/en/results-before-after/superficial-medium-peel/

This page is purely informative, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ordre of Doctors.It is not a publicity for treatments .

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