Mesolifts are an application of classic mesotherapy.

Thanks to intradermal injections on the face, neck, the décolletage and the back of the hands, we can slow down the ageing process.

What happens during the mesolift treatment session in Paris?

After cleansing and disinfecting the skin, the injections can be carried out by handgun (type U225) or manually with an injector pen.

picture cosmetic doctor in paris mesolift injections

picture mesotherapy of the face in paris

The injections, depending on the depth and angle of the injection can be:
– Intra-epidermal : multiple injections at a depth of 1mm, no resulting bleeding.picture mesolift  of the face in paris
– Surface dermis – papule : 0.1ml is injected at a depth of 1-2mm, creating a temporary wheal (or papule).
– Intra-dermic-cross hatching : the injection is administered at a depth of 2-4mm without creating a papule.
schema  mesotherapy  of the face and body in paris
– Deep dermis : the injection is administered at a depth of 4-10mm.
picture mesolit with hyaluronic acid and vitamines in paris for shine and tired air

picture mesotherapy neck face decolletage hands in paris
A mix of active, anti-radical and hydrating products are used:
– Hyaluronic acid, for its hydrating and regenerating properties
– Vitamins, to stimulate vital cell function
– Minerals, to preserve the ionic balance of the extra cellular matrix
– Amino-acids, to encourage protein synthesis
– Coenzymes to maximise skin metabolism
– Nucleic acids to activate cell communication
– Anti-oxidants to trap free radicals responsible for skin ageing

Protocole of mesolift

Mesotherapy is a treatment with progressive results, and thus demands at least 6 sessions (3 months) for a clearly rejuvenated skin.

The treatment consists of 3 phases:
– Phase 1-initial phase: 4 sessions at 15 day intervals.
– Phase 2-repair phase: 2 sessions at monthly intervals.
– Phase3-upkeep phase: one session every 2-6 months.
 schema frequency injection mesotherapy in paris

Uses of mesolift

The treatment is completely painless and can be administered in any season and on all types of skin.
It aims to improve the skin’s glow, its tone, hydration, elasticity and hence, reduce lines, and eventually, wrinkles.

The treatment is suitable for hands, face, neck and décolletage and helps:
– Dull and dehydrated skin.
– Wrinkled, crumpled skin.
– Skin which has lost tone and elasticity.
– It can also act as a preventative measure on young skin without any particular problems.
– Alopecia.
– Cellulite.

Results of mesolift

Studies show that the injection of these products improves fibroblast production (skin making cells), increases collagen production, maximises anti-radical defences, inhibits elastase activity (enzymes which destroy the skin’s elastin fibres).
Administered ‘in vivo’ (that is, to the human being) leads to an improvement in lines and wrinkles, an improvement of the skin’s tone, elasticity and hydration.

After effects of mesolift

There are very few possible side-effects or follow on effects. A rash or light swelling might last until the end of the day of the treatment.

The patient can cleanse and wash the area treated on the morning after the treatment, and the skin won’t show any side effects.

Cosmetic treatment by mesolift injections : before and after photos

Cosmetic treatment by mesolift injections in paris before and after photos

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