Clinically, dilated pores are indicated by micro depressions, and skin appears like «mandarin peel» and slightly grubby.
picture dilated pores

Dilated pores are the openings of the follicle channels, through which sebum flows, and we have thousands of these on our faces.

Their size is genetically determined. When they’re visible, it is because they’re full of sebum and impurities, which can lead to black heads and spots. Their diameter tends to increase with age and sun damage.
image formation of dilated pores

Sebum production depends on age. During infancy, the pores are practically invisible as there is hardly any secretion. At puberty, and during various periods of life with significant hormonal production, secretion increases and the pores become more visible, especially in greasy skin.

Equally, they expand with age and slackening skin, occupying a greater area of the skin. Their diameter doubles from the age of 25 to 50. They are found on the forehead, the nose, the chin and cheeks.

Treatment for enlarged pores in Paris

– Erbium Fractional Laser ( Fraxel )

The gold standard in treatments is laser peeling using the Erbium Fractional Laser ( Fraxel ) which helps them to close, and to give the skin an unequalled healthy glow. The number of sessions varies between one and three, depending on the patient’s desires, the expected result and the diameter of the pores

– Fractional CO2 laser

– AHA ( fruit acid ) peels

Several AHA (fruit acid) peels will close them effectively, and give a healthy glow. You should reckon on 4 sessions. At home, followup treatments include AHA creams, salicylic acid and sebo-regulatory agents which will be prescribed

Cosmetic treatment of enlarged pores : before and after photos

photo cosmetic solution for enlarged pores in paris

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How your skin can benefit from aesthetic medicine

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