Needling is a commonly used technique outside France, where it is better known as ‘percutaneous collagen induction therapy’.
The term NEEDLING is used to describe this process as a small dermaroller, containing hundreds of tiny needles, is rolled over the skin.

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The medical usage needles are 1.5-2mm long ( home dermaroller kits have shorter needles ), and pass through the epidermis ( which is 0.1-0.15mm thick ) to reach the dermal layer where collagen is produced.

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The skin reacts by liberating growth factors and stimulating collagen synthesis, elastin ( which repairs the tissue ) and improves local blood flow. The skin appears revitalised.

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Histological studies have shown a 206% growth in collagen production 6-8 weeks after treatment. ( Schwartz and Laaff, Freiburg -Germany, 2006 ).

Microneedling, dermaroller

What happens during the needling session

As the treatment is painful, an anaesthetising cream is applied before the treatment.
Each dermaroller is sterile and for single use only, and is passed over the face in several directions.

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The tiny needles penetrate down to the papillary dermis ( the upper part of the dermis ), while home dermaroller kits do not reach this deep. This leads to light bleeding, but the tiny holes created in the skin will close the same day.

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A nourishing, revitalising mask is applied immediately afterwards. This has been specifically designed for this treatment, and penetrates down to the required depth of the skin. Ice is then applied to the skin to reduce the resulting sensations of tightness and heat.

Treatment protocol

The needling should be repeated after a few months, and has a cumulative effect as part of a global skin rejuvenation programme, alongside hyaluronic acid and laser treatments.

For best results, 3-4 sessions, at a rhythm of one session every six weeks, are necessary. After the first set of 3 sessions, the treatment is stopped for 3 months, and then the treatment pattern can begin again.

Side effects and precautions

An antibiotic cream is to be applied for a few days after the session.
Make-up can be worn after three days.
If the patient has a history of cold sores, a prophylactic medicine will be prescribed.
The skin will be sun sensitive for 2-4 months. If this treatment is carried out during the sunny months, sun block must be worn.
Side-effects are slight. There will be no scabs or peeling. Moderate redness will last 4-5 days and will fade progressively.

Uses and results of needling

Needling is a suitable treatment for :
– Skin ageing.
– Wrinkles. (Demaroller and wrinkles)
– Stretch marks. (Demaroller and stretch marks.)
– Scars. (Demaroller and scars)
– It leads to dermal thickening, and improved skin quality, especially on the neck and décolletage.

All parts of the body and all types of skin can be treated. The treatment can also be carried out during the summer months.
This technique is an alternative treatment for those who cannot/do not wish to have laser treatment.

Clinical results last 8-12 months as skin ageing continues. The production of collagen and elastin peaks 6-8 months after the session. The period of tissue remodelling lasts an extra 4-6 months. The first results can be seen 2-3 months after treatment. After 2-3 treatments, the skin becomes more tonic, elastic and less fragile, and any imperfections, dilated pores and lines are reduced.


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