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Deep peel : Laser and phenol

Géneral information on deep peel

Deep phenol or laser peeling allows for a complete renewal of the dermis and epidermis, by going back to the deep dermis, and it must be carried out by an experienced doctor (there aren’t many in France!)

picture the depth of deep peel phenol paris
The skin appears totally renewed after two weeks, persistent marks and lined and rumpled skin are erased, and a facelift effect is obtained



It is recommended for:
– Marked ageing.
– Deep wrinkles around the eyelids and the mouth.
– Wrinkles due to smoking, sun exposure.
– Scars, notably acne.

Session of deep peel 

Before the peel

– Avoid, during the week before, and during the entire peel process : clay masks, self-tans, scrubs, exfoliants (particularly creams containing fruits acids), essential oils, aggressive techniques such as laser epilation or any laser treatment in general and the application of any cream without medical advice.
– Exposure to the sun is forbidden in the month prior to the peel: basically, the skin should not be tanned. However, outside activity is allowed, even during sunny periods, but Factor 50+must be worn and applied every 3 hours.
– You must stop anti-acne treatments one week before the peel: TRETINOINE (Retin A or Renova, vitamin A acid)-PEROXIDES-DIFFERINE (ADAPALENE), TAZORAC or Avage (TAZAROTENE).
– You must wait for 6 months after stopping ROACCUTANE treatment before having a peel.
– Don’t wear earrings.
– Take out contact lenses.
– Men should shave the night before.
– Don’t apply face cream on the morning of the peel.
– Don’t wear make-up and cleanse all make-up (don’t even apply eye make-up).

The peel

Local anesthesia is performed.Local anesthesia is performed.
Often this peeling is done in the clinic or in the office in the presence of an anesthesiologist or cardiologist because it requires cardiac monitoring.The area to be treated is disinfected and the peeling begins.
An occlusive mask is applied at the end of the session.

Antibiotics and aciclovir are prescribed.

The next day the patient is seen in the office, the mask removed and a yellowish powder (under Bismuth gallate) regenerating is applied and will be kept until the 7th day when I will remove it personally.

Post deep peel instructions

A check up at day 8 and day 20 allows the doctor to track the result, to adapt the cosmetic prescription, and to detect any complications. You should tell your doctor if there are any abnormalities. You should not apply any products to the skin without telling the doctor who conducted the peel. Moreover:
– Don’t peel the dead skin.
– Avoid grimacing or other extreme facial expressions. The lip and eye areas are the most delicate. They tend to slough off too quickly without normal healing.
– Don’t scratch, rub, or peel the skin which is sloughing off. You risk creating terrible scars.
– Avoid sweating/ heavily exercising for two weeks and do not use the sauna or hammam/steam bath. Take showers and avoid baths which prolong the skin’s exposure to steam.
– Avoid letting shampoo run on to the treated areas for a month. Avoid sleeping on the treated area.
– Avoid all exposure to the sun for three months. Use a total sun block for three months.


An outstanding result can be achieved, scars disappear, and one loses 15 years in one session. The result is at its best about 6 months after the treatment (due to the time needed for neo-collagenesis to take place).
The facelift effect maintains facial volume and expression, unlike a surgical facelift.
This peel is very effective especially around the mouth and eyes where injections are not so effective (moreover, the advantage of a peel is that you do it once or twice in a lifetime, whereas injections need to be re-administered each year)
The deep peel can be carried out on the entire face, or, if preferred, just around the eyelids and upper lip, and the rest of the face given a medium peel.

Follow on

Week 1: complete downtime, rest at home.
Week 2: a few remaining bruises, red skin but can be covered with make-up.
Week 3: restart normal routine.
For 3-6 months: the skin remains red but can be covered with make-up.
Factor 50+ sunscreen is obligatory for 3 months.

Complications of deep peels

Swelling, persistent redness, sloughing off of skin or overly significant exfoliation.
Bacterial infection ( impetigo ) or viral infection ( herpes ).
An outbreak of acne could justify specific treatment.
Hyperpigmentation ( dark marks ) or depigmentation (white marks ).
Accentuation of limits of treated zone ( scalp, jaw ).
Small scabs which should not be picked.
Scarring after untimely handling of the skin.

Not recommended for those who are:

– Tanning ( or sun exposure/ UV the month before the peel or the application of self-tans a week before the session ). This is the worst thing to do, as it risks burning.
– Taking light sensitising medicines or anti-coagulants.
– Pregnant.
– Wear pace makers or cardiac defibrillators ( ICD ).
– Suffer from chronic illness.
– Have stopped treatment by isotretinoin for less than a year.
– Are taking anti-acne treatment.
– Have had recent aesthetic treatment  ( surgery, laser, dermabrasion ).

Advantage of laser peel over phenol peel

Personally I prefer deep laser peels to phenol peels: they achieve the same result but there are less side effects by laser, and the patient doesn’t need to keep powder on the face for 6 days, which can be tedious and stressful. Equally, laser treatment is less painful.

Cosmetic treatment by deep peel : before and after photos

Cosmetic treatment by deep peel paris before and after photos

For more images go to : www.dr-romano-esthetique.com/en/results-before-after/deep-peel/


This page is purely informative, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ordre of Doctors.It is not a publicity for treatments .

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