Principals of carboxytherapy

CO2 is naturally present in our bodies, and is thus non-toxic.

Carboxytherapy is the technique of injecting under the skin, thanks to a very fine needle, medically sterile carbonic gas/carbon dioxide.

Carboxytherapy for cellulite and stretch marks injection of carbon dioxide  picture carboxyhterapy in paris

CO2 has been used as a therapy since the 1930s.
As it is very soluble, this gas spreads very easily leading to an increase in blood flow through the surface tissues (due to the fact that it provokes capillary vasodilatation), and thus improving tissue oxygenation and nutrition.

picture of carboxytherapy of face and eyelids and dark circles

These effects improve skin hydration and stimulate fibroblast production (skin cells) which in turn increases collagen and elastic fibre production. The end result is an improvement to the skin’s suppleness, elasticity and texture.

  1. Skin before the treatment.
    picture of the skin before the treatment of carboxytherapy
  2. The CO2 is injected in the skin.
    picture injection of carboxyhterapy in the skin
  3. The CO2 stimulates the fibroblastes and improves local oxygenation.
    picture action of carboxyhterapy in the skin
  4. By activating oxygenation, the collagen in remodelled, the skin is thicker and local vascularisation is improved.
    picture result of carboxytherapy on the skin

Completed studies have shown a greater skin thickness and improved microcirculation, better skin elasticity, appearance and tone, and lipo-classic activity with destruction of adipocyte membranes.

Uses of carboxytherapy

– Cellulite, thanks to the destruction of some adipocytes, and improved microcirculation.
– Stretch marks.
– Localised fatty tissue, on the body or face (double chin).
– Relâchement cutané (bras, visage, cou, décolleté, membres inferieurs).
– Improvement of the facial oval, thanks to the combined effect of destroying fatty tissues in the jowl, and carboxytherapy’s impact on sagging skin.
–  Small lines, notably around the lower eyelid, the appearance of a lined and wrinkled neck, hands and décolletage.
– Dark circles.

Procedure and drawbacks of carboxytherapy

Between 5 and 15 sessions are necessary, with a gap of one or two weeks.
The first visible results appear after the 4th session.
The treatment is painless if applied to the face, but can be slightly painful if applied to the body: small bruises sometimes appear.

This can be painful, and few people bear it. Personally, I only recommend it for dark circles and alopecia.

Cosmetic treatment by carboxytherapy : before and after photos

Cosmetic treatment by carboxytherapy paris before and after photos

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