Our bodily health manifests itself in our skin. In permanent contact with the elements and pollution, its beauty fades and dulls with time. The signs of ageing first appear on the skin.

Rejuvenate and clean the skin by simple acts/interventions

Medicine has a longstanding preoccupation with fighting the signs of ageing. Nowadays, we no longer need to depend on painful intervention to fight the march of time. Aesthetic medicine has significantly changed, and you can offer yourself rejuvenated skin through a series of short treatments. Many techniques exist, and can be adapted to each patient’s needs.

Chemical treatments are mainly used for peels. These cleanse the skin of numerous toxins and accumulated dead tissues on the skin’s surface. Carried out on the epidermis, or at a deeper level, the application of specific products can stimulate skin regrowth.

Injections are among the most fashionable anti-ageing treatments. As they act at a deeper level, they can refill hollows and bring back a smoother, and thus younger appearance to various parts of the body. It mainly involves short and painless, easy treatments.

Lasers are also among the most comfortable treatments. They allow for targeted action, with increasingly impressive rejuvenation and healing as techniques progress. This act is gradually replacing chemical treatments, as in the case of peels.

Aesthetic medicine and its hair-loss treatments

We consider hair as an essential attribute of female beauty, but the appearance of their hair is no less important for men. Just as for women, it defines a part of their personality and their attractiveness. Unfortunately, alopecia, known as hair-loss, affects many men. Aesthetic medicine offers many treatments, of varying intensity and intrusiveness, which reduce hair loss and stimulate regrowth.

How your skin can benefit from aesthetic medicine

prp plasma

PRP injections (Platelet rich plasma)

acide hyaluronique Restylane

 Hyaluronic acid

 Restylane Skin Booster


Mesolift injections



Dermaroll and needling

peeling tca

 TCA PRX –T33 peel

peeling profond

Deep peeling


Superficial and medium peeling

pores dilatés

Dilated and enlarged pores

nettoyage de peau


diagnostic peau

Skin analysis

alopécie cheveux

Alopecia, hair loss

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