Aesthetic medicine is often not an alternative to aesthetic surgery for those who want to change the shape of their eyes, or get an ‘almond’ shaped eye. Only small modifications can be carried out using medical aesthetic treatments.
The before/after photos shown below illustrate the results of aesthetic treatments for almond eyes.
Almond shaped eyes have a lateral canthus (at the outer corner of the eye) which is slightly higher, and lower eyelids just at the lower edge of the iris (the coloured part of the eyeball).

Photos of treatment by aesthetic medicine of eye shape

The support of the lower eyelid can be augmented using injections of hyaluronic acid, making them rise or lift upwards. This pulls them towards the edge of the outer canthus, lifting them sideways.

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photo avoir les yeux en amande photo avoir les yeux en amande sans chirurgie photo tirer les yeux en medecine esthetique photo avant apres avoir les yeux en amande avec l acide hyaluroniuqe

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