Aesthetic medicine offers an alternative to aesthetic surgery for medical augmentation of the penis gland (head).

The before/after photos shown below illustrate the results of aesthetic treatment for medical gland augmentation.

Photos of gland augmentation using hyaluronic acid injections

This technique allows augmentation of the girth and length of the head, both when the penis is at rest and erect.
Depending on the patient’s wishes, the gland can be augmented across the entire circumference, just at the crown, or both.
Theoretically, the gland can be augmented as much as the patient wants. In practice, there is a risk of urethral compression, therefore one must not inject too much product. 2 syringes are required for a subtle result, 4 for a more significant augmentation.

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photo cosmetic penile glans enhancement Photo cosmetic enlargement of penile glans Photo enlargement of penile glans by hyaluronic acid

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