Aesthetic medicine can be an alternative to aesthetic surgery in the treatment of jowls, loss of facial oval definition and sagging.
The before/after photos shown below illustrate the results of aesthetic treatments to lift the facial oval.
Several treatments exist to treat this imperfection.
In my opinion, the best results are obtained with laser treatment and hyaluronic acid injection.
The facial oval changes with time, and jowls appear thanks to ptosis (fall) of facial fatty tissue and skin sagging.
The most effective treatments act on the causes, with face lifts carried out using hyaluronic acid to lift the fallen fatty tissue, and laser to treat sagging skin.

For more informations :

photo corrective jaw treatment

before after jaw treatment by laser

before after jaw treatment by botox

before after jaw treatment by hyaluronic acid

before after jaw treatment by threads

before after jaw treatment in cosmetic medecine

before after jaw treatment without surgery

photo for chiseled jawline

photo facial sculpting and contourning

photo before after nonsurgical jaw reshaping

photo Contouring of lower face with injection of hyaluronic acid

before after facial jawline and neck contouring in cosmetic medecine

result before after jawline aesthetics

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