Aesthetic medicine offers effective treatments for ageing of the neck and low-necked.
The before/after photos shown below illustrate the results of aesthetic treatments for necks and the low-necked.

Photos of aesthetic medicine treatments to rejuvenate the neck and low-necked

Rejuvenating the neck and low-necked depends on treating a range of factors responsible for the appearance of ageing.
Vascular and pigment problems (marks) are treated by laser.
Dehydration is tackled with mesotherapy and skin booster hyaluronic acid injections.
Lines and skin quality are treated by laser and hyaluronic acid injections.

For more informations :

photo rejuvenation of the neck without cosmetic surgery

before after rejuvenation of the neck in cosmetic medecine

before after photo neck skin rejuvenation

before after photo non chirurgical neck lift

before after treatment sagging skin on the neck in cosmetic medecine

before after treatment wrinkles on the neck in cosmetic medecine

before after treatment horizontal wrinkles on the neck

result before after neck lift without surgery

photo decolletage and chest rejuvenation

photo cosmetic decolletage and neck wrinkles

photo rejuvenation of the lower face and decolletage

photo treatment cleavage wriknles on decolletage

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