What is Belkyra ® –Kybella® ?

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Kybella is a new non-surgical technique for treating double chin fat, and it is the first and only treatment approved by the FDA for this use.

The Allergan laboratory markets Belkyra ® ( Kybella ® in the USA ). It is a deoxycholic acid, a molecule naturally present in the body which helps us to metabolise fat.

Kybella vs liposuction for double chins

Both treatments have the same use, and provide the same results.
Ideal candidates for Belkyra ® –Kybella® must have skin which is sufficiently elastic to be retractable.
A neck lift is recommended for patients with excess skin.
These options can be discussed with the patient.

What happens during the Kybella treatment session?

After disinfecting, and the application of a local anaesthetic, the injection points are marked on the skin.
About 20 jabs are administered in just a few minutes.

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2 to 4 sessions, with a gap of at least 4 weeks between them.
The FDA approved Kybella for the treatment of double chins, targeting sub-cutaneous fat.

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Results and side effects of Kybella injections 

The first results are visible six weeks after the first injections
The results are definitive because the adipose cells are destroyed.
Don’t worry if you gain weight. Clinical studies have shown that the result does not change with weight gain.

Possible side effects include swelling which lasts for a few days, and temporary bruising.
A very fine needle is used for the injections, and an anaesthetic is optional. As with botox, the patient will feel a light burning and stinging sensation.

Non-surgical aesthetic treatment of the double chin by Belkyra-Kybella : before and after photos

photo double chin treatment by kybella

For more images go to : www.dr-romano-esthetique.com/en/results-before-after/double-chin-kybella/

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