What are platysmal cords?

With time, cords can appear at the side and in the centre of the neck, known as platysmal cords or boning, thanks to the action of the platysma muscle.
image platysmal cords

These unattractive bands age the neck, and are the frequent subject of consultations. Moreover, the platysma muscle has traction on the lower face, and is one of the causes of facial sagging.
Different degrees of severity are shown on scales.

Standardised scale of severity for platysmal cords :
Stage of gravity platysmal cords

Erasing platysmal cords with Botox injections

The platysma muscle is responsible for the appearance of platysmal cords. With time, the two platysmal bands, left and right, separate, and the muscle hypertrophies, leading to the appearance of the platysmal cords.
Injections of botulinum toxin allow us to reduce the platysmal muscle’s hyperactivity.

schema botox platysmal cords

Botox is the suitable solution as soon as the platysmal cords start to be a problem for the individual. I recommend this injection as the cords can be really ageing for the neck.

Side effects, risks and follow ups of botox treatment for platysmal cords

There are no side effects and bruising is very rare.
The practitioner must have been trained and have mastered the technique. Any fault in technique can lead to problems with swallowing, breathing and make it impossible to keep the neck straight.

Results of botox treatment for platysmal cords

The result is not immediate, but will become progressively noticeable in the week following the injection. The cords will disappear or improve ( depending on their tone and the quantity of botox used ) and the face will be slightly lifted because the injections block the muscle which pulls the face downwards.

Aesthetic treatment of platysmal cords : before and after photos

photo botox platysmal cords

For more images go to :  www.dr-romano-esthetique.com/en/results-before-after/platysmal-cord-botox/


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