Ageing is responsible for several changes which occur to the lower third of the face :
– The loss of definition to the facial oval and the appearance of jowls.

 Natural evolution of the face with ageing

– The reversal of the facial triangle.

 Schema modification face woman young and old–  Changes in the relationship between the key points of the jawline.
example of oval of the face

There are several stages in the drooping of the jawline :
schema stages in the drooping of the jawline

Causes of modification of facial oval

  • Changes to the bones : the angle of the jaw increases notably with age, which results in a loss of definition to the lower edge of this bone. The length and ‘height’ of the jaw is significantly reduced.
    Schema modification of jaw bone with age  schema modification jaw bone
  • Slackening skin, aggravated by the loss of jawbone support.
  • Fat ptosis schema fat on the face      schema fat facial fall

Non-surgical treatments for the facial oval and jowls offered at the Champs- Élysées medical aesthetics clinic

– Hyaluronic acid injections

The ‘LIFT FILL’ injection technique allows us to achieve a ‘tensing’ effect whilst respecting the natural curves and volumes of the face, thus delaying the need for surgical intervention. It can be performed on a specific, delicate area, or as a wider treatment.
After having increased the malar area fat by injection, injections are made to the oval of the face.
Image oval face treatment by hyaluronic acid
In traditional surgery implants would be made to the jaw, whilst the medical route replaces these implants with hyaluronic acid
Image result oval face treatment by hyaluronic acid
with injections following traction vectors in orderImage oval face treatment by radiesse
to give the face a V-shape appearance.
picture aging of the face

– Laser lift (See the relevant section)

In order to treat one of the key signs of facial ageing, i.e. sagging skin, which begins after the age of 30, one can wave goodbye to surgical facelifts, and welcome non-surgical laser mini face-lifts. The zones treated are the mouth and face, and two different lasers and four different treatment methods are used. Intervention is at various levels :
– The upper, middle and lower dermis where there is an immediate effect as the collagen fibres contract, and this has a volumising effect, improving the appearance of sagging skin. There are also delayed benefits as neocollagenesis is stimulated.
– The epidermis where imperfections are targeted

– Absorbable lifting threads ( see the information of ‘tensile threads’ )

The use of lifting thread is a non-surgical face lift technique for sagging tissues.
The placing of mesothreads or tensile threads allows the repositioning of facial tissue and volume without scalpels or scarring.
mage oval face treatment by threads
schema oval face treatment by threads   schema jowls treatment by threads


– Radiofrequency treatment

This treatment acts on sagging skin ( read the relevant section ).

– Ultherapy ( Read the relevant section )

Aesthetic treatment of the oval face and jowls : before and after photos

photo medical teatment of jowls

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Aesthetic treatments of the neck and facial oval

double menton

Double chin

menton double kybella belkina

Belkyra and Kybella, non surgical treatement for double chins

cou décolté rajeunissement

Neck rejuvenation, MM lift and of the low-necked

modifier ovale visage

Modification of the facial oval

cou rides platysmales

Platysmal cords or boning

rides cou ovale injection

Wrinkles on the neck and low-necked


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