A double chin is an imperfection which troubles many people.
Excessive fullness around the chin and the neck gives the impression of a second chin with loss of definition of the jaw line, and it can be very ageing.
young without double chin

Chin and lower jaw are well drawn, the neck is thin and below the chin there is no excess fat.
picture of doule chin

The chin is hypoprojected , mandibular line is poorly designed and under the chin there is excess fat .

Causes of double-chins

Double chins can be genetic, linked to ageing or weight gain.
Many factors need to be considered in their treatment :
– Skin, the sagging of the skin.
– Muscles ,muscle weakness and muscular flaccidity, notably in the platysmal muscle.
– Fat and excessive adipose tissues.
– Bones, notably the hypoprojection of the chin or ‘weak chin’.
– The sub-mandible salivary gland. This often droops and is rarely hypertrophic.

anatomie double chin

These factors in combination give the overall impression of a double chin, but excess fat is often, if not always present.

Examples of double-chin

– This patient illustrates all the factors.
example fat excess in the double chin
– This patient illustrates the combination of excess fat, a drooping submandible gland and a weak chin.
example of excess fat and drooping in double chin
– This patient shows sagging skin and muscles, and a dropping sub mandible gland.
exemple sagging skin in double chin
– This young patient illustrates the combination of a weak chin and excess fat.
exemple weak chin in double chin

Treatments for double chins available at the Paris medical aesthetic clinic

Given that there are multiple causes for double chins, there are also several treatments. In some cases, surgery offers an effective result.

Available treatments :
– Hyaluronic acid for weak chins.

 Chin implant image

– Cryolipolysis/cool-sculpting ( a tool exists specifically for the double chin ) for excess fat.

image coolsculpting for double chin

– Laser, ultrasound ( ultherapy ) and finally, radiofrequency treatment to combat sagging skin.

image laser and ulthera for double chin

– Kybella.

Non-surgical aesthetic treatment of the double chin : before and after photos

photo treatment for double chin

For more images go to : www.dr-romano-esthetique.com/en/results-before-after/double-chin/

This page is purely informative, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ordre of Doctors.It is not a publicity for treatments .

Aesthetic treatments of the neck and facial oval


menton double kybella belkina

Belkyra and Kybella, non surgical treatement for double chins

cou décolté rajeunissement

Neck rejuvenation, MM lift and of the low-necked

lifting cou ovale visage


modifier ovale visage

Modification of the facial oval

cou rides platysmales

Platysmal cords or boning

rides cou ovale injection

Wrinkles on the neck and low-necked


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