In terms of our facial outline, the chin and the neck create the oval’s definition. This area suffers from the disagreeable effects of time, and aesthetic medicine can offer solutions.

Redesigning the oval by injection, a temporary solution

Numerous disagreeable effects of age and loss of tone can be rectified using various injections. Loss of the oval’s definition is explained by descending facial fat and skin. This fat, with time, ends up in the lower face, the skin loses its elasticity, and we see the oval form break up.

In this type of case, hyaluronic acid can fill the hollows and sagging areas, resulting in a tensile effect, whilst at the same time respecting the natural curves of the face.

Tensile threads and lasers, a lasting solution without hospitalisation

The neck also suffers from the natural sagging of the skin and facial fat. For a long time, surgical facelifts were the only solution. For the lower face as well as the neck, tensile threads offer a longer lasting solution than injections, and are a relatively light intervention. The threads are inserted at strategic points to achieve a natural result.

Absorbable threads are proposed as a solution as soon as oval sagging starts. Their length allows for effective repositioning of the drooping tissues. The result lasts 1 to 2 years. Their bio-absorbable material allows them to completely dissolve into the facial tissues.

Aesthetic treatments of the neck and facial oval

double menton

Double chin

menton double kybella belkina

Belkyra and Kybella, non surgical treatement for double chins

cou décolté rajeunissement

Neck rejuvenation, MM lift and of the low-necked

lifting cou ovale visage


modifier ovale visage

Modification of the facial oval

cou rides platysmales

Platysmal cords or boning

rides cou ovale injection

Wrinkles on the neck and low-necked

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