Malar bags are like little swollen pads of tissue on the upper cheek, and their lower edge is defined by the zygomatic-cutaneous ligament.

picture malar bags

Causes of malar bags 

Malar bags are due to :
– Localised swelling.
– Sagging of the lower lid muscle ( the eyelid orbicular muscle ).
– Lower eyelid fat prolapse ( under the eyelid orbicular muscle ) throughout the muscle.

How can you avoid malar bags ?

There’s no real trick for avoiding malar bags.  Having a healthy lifestyle will help: avoid tobacco and alcohol, follow a balanced low-salt diet, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly.

Hyaluronic acid and malar bags, non-surgical treatment for malar bags

Hyaluronic acid injections do not treat the cause of the bag, but can improve their appearance by lifting the prolapsed malar fat. This will give extra support to the orbicular muscle, and create the effect of a mini face lift.
It will also improve the general under eye appearance, by filling in hollows near to the bag.
Corticosteroid injections at bone level reduce localised swelling, and must be repeated.
Surgery is the only way to fully rid oneself of malar bags.

Aesthetic treatment of malar bags : before and after photos

photo before after malar bags and aesthetic treatment

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