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Eyebrows lift

Aesthetic criteria of eyebrow lift

Eyebrows are one of the most essential features of the female face, giving depth to the eyes. Having ‘open eyes’ makes the face look younger and rested, as well as a healthy glow.
They modify our expression by expressing fatigue, anger, surprise and sadnesse.

picture facial expressions and wrinkles

Various types and shapes exist. Eyebrows can be straight, arched, circumflex, thin, thick, unkempt, asymmetrical, sinuous, predominantly pointing upwards or downwards, monobrows or far apart.
Nonetheless, a standardised schema exists :

  • Three parts: a head, a central body and a side tail.
  • Three lines :

– The ‘head’ of the eyebrow starts from an imaginary line which passes up the side of the nose and the inner canthus (inner corner of the eye).
– The eyebrow arch (the highest part of the eyebrow) is on an imaginary line which starts from the ala (side of the nose) and passes through the centre of the upper eyelid.
– The eyebrow tail is on an imaginary line starting from the side of the nose and passing through the outer canthus of the eye (outer corner of the eye) and must be a little bit higher than the eyebrow ‘head’.
picture perfect eyebrown

  • Distances:

– The distance from the upper eyelid – lower edge of the eyebrow is 15-16mm.
– The distance from the pupil – lower edge of the eyebrow is 25mm.
– The distance from the scalp to the upper edge of the eyebrow is 50mm.

image proportions of the eyebrow

Amongst women, the eyebrow is above the bony margin, whereas it is a little lower for men. Women’s eyebrows have a raised tail, whereas men’s are horizontal.

Anatomy of eyebrow

Anatomically, the eyebrow is a musculo-cutaneous pad. Externally, the adipose Charpy pad forms a crescent whose size varies according to the individual.
The eyebrow’s position and shape are controlled by a muscular balance: a muscle for upwards motion, the frontal muscle, which doesn’t exist for the outer third of the eyebrow, and three downwards motion muscles, the ‘corrugator’ muscle, the orbicular muscle and the supercilia muscle.
image anatomy of the eyebrow
Around the three zones (head, body and eyebrow tail) the opposing muscle movements are different:
– Eyebrow head : opposition between the lifting frontal muscle and the three downwards muscles: the procerus, the corrugator and the depressor supercilia.
– Body: opposition between the lifting frontal muscle and the downwards orbicular muscle.
– Tail: there is no opposition, as only the downwards orbicular muscle controls this area.

Ageing of eyebrow

With the passage of time, eyebrows undergo changes, for which there is a scale :

picture stages of ageing of eyebrow

– Ageing of the skin and muscles, sagging of the skin and drooping of the eyebrow tail.
–  Reabsorption of the Charpy pad resulting in a hollow appearance (looking sad and tired), overall slump to the eyebrow, loss of depth and facial ageing.
– Appearance of the ‘lion’s wrinkle’ (frown lines) due to the corrugator muscle.
– Appearance of horizontal lines at the bridge of the nose thanks to the movement of the procerus muscle.
– Appearance of crows’ feet thanks to the movement of the orbicular muscle.
– Change in eyebrow position: the eyebrow can keep the same position, perhaps falling lower (when the reactionary contractions of the frontal muscle are insufficient), or perhaps moving higher (when the reactionary contractions of the frontal muscle are stronger than the downward movement caused by ptosis of the temple and eyebrow).In these three cases, the tail always falls.
– Sagging of the temple skin and hyperactivity of the orbicular muscle (leading to the descent of the eyebrow). This leads to an excess of skin around the upper eyelid which Blepharoplasty can only partially treat.
– Sinking or ‘hollowing’ of the temple.

Treatment of eyebrow in Paris

– Hyaluronic acid

In order to raise the eyebrow using Hyaluronic acid, we must :
– Fill the eyebrow around the Charpy pad  the adipose cushion which droops with age). Depending on the situation, hyaluronic acid can be more or less volumising, and in addition to a deep injection at the level of the bone, we can also inject at a shallower level.
schema eyebrow lift by hyaluronic acid injection
– Treat the temples (read the relevant section).

schema eyebrow lift without surgery in cosmetic medecine

Avant après traitement de la zone temporale.

– Ultherapy

The eyebrow can be lifted with Ultherapy, botox (acting on the eyelid orbicular muscle which pulls the eyebrow tail down) and tensile threads. (See the relevant sections).
This results in a temporal region lift if we just lift the eyebrow tail, and a frontal lift if the entire eyebrow is lifted.

How long will this last eyebrow lift?

Results from Botox last from 6-8 months.
Hyaluronic acid remains in place for 18 months.
Results from tensile threads will last from 18 months to two years.
Ultherapy results will last for several years.

Aesthetic treatment for lifting the eyebrows : before and after photos

photo before after eyebrow lift without surgery

For more images go to : www.dr-romano-esthetique.com/en/results-before-after/eyebrow-lift/

This page is purely informative, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ordre of Doctors.It is not a publicity for treatments .

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