Blepharoplasty involves removing the excess skin around the eyelid.
cosmetic surgery of eyelids
If previously surgery was the only solution, we can now avoid this thanks to lasers and plexr.

Three techniques of cosmetic medicine make it possible to lift the upper eyelid: the laser, the plexer and the mesothreads.

Laser for blepharoplasty

This works through dermal stimulation: the skin of the eyelids is the thinnest of all (it’s about 0.5mm thick) and is subject to numerous constraints.
With time, the skin becomes thinner, leading to the slackening of the eyelids.
Laser treatment allows new, thicker collagen to form.
skin of eyelid

What happens during the session of blepharoplasty in Paris ?

An optional aesthetic cream can be applied before the treatment, as the treatment itself is completely painless.
Before starting, the wrinkles and folds to be treated are manually identified.
blepharoplasty by laser

Thus, the entire upper eyelid is treated with several sweeps of the laser.
No recovery time is needed afterwards, nor are there any precautions to take. A very mild rash or erythema might last for a maximum of one day afterwards.
Sun block should be worn for one month afterwards.
The treatment requires 3-4 sessions with a month’s interval in between.

Advantages of laser vs plexr treatment

– Painless treatment, no anaesthetic necessary.
– No recovery time or knock-on effects.
– The entire eyelid can be treated by dermal stimulation.

Plexr for medical blepharoplasty

The instrument uses the fourth state of matter: plasma (ionised air).
The instrument ionises the gases present in the air by generating a small voltaic arc. Thus, a difference in electric potential is created between the zone to be treated and the plexr needle. Three power levels exist: low – medium – strong.
plexr cosmetic

The distance between the tip of the machine and the skin must be specified in order to achieve sublimation. Contact time does not exceed 2 seconds per dot.

Treatment relaxation eyelids
The tissue is lightly skimmed, and a very high temperature is achieved at the end point, without heat being spread to the surrounding and underlying tissues.

What happens during the session at the Paris medical aesthetics clinic?

The working method is the sublimation of corneocytes (keratinised cells) without causing bleeding.
An anaesthetic cream (EMLA) is applied 30 minutes before the treatment.
Before starting, the wrinkles and folds to be treated are manually identified.
comsetic tretament of eyelids
This treatment uses the SPOT method: that is, microscopic points (500 micron) arranged in a triangle or zig-zag on the identified treatment zones in order to achieve a 360° lift.
picture reduction of excess skin of the upper eyelid    plexer explanations

After the treatment, the patient must wash with pH neutral soap and water, delicately dry the area by dabbing, and without rubbing the area, and disinfect the area by dabbing it with a compress soaked in a non-alcoholic disinfectant until the scabs disappear. Sun protection must be worn for 2-3 months.
The treatment requires 3-4 sessions with a month’s interval in between.

Eyelids  lift by threads

The placement of polydioxanone mesothreads in the skin of the upper eyelid determines its traction and an opening of the look. The pose is done under local anesthesia (application of anesthetic cream) in the clinic. A dozen threads are used for each eyelid. The result is visible in two weeks and lasts one year and a half. Two to three sessions at two-month intervals are usually performed. Bruisess and edema are the only side effects.

Aesthetic treatment of the eyelids: before and after photos

photo before after cosmetic treatment of eyelids

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The benefits of aesthetic medicine for the eye area

regard forme

Eye shape

paupières fripées

Crumpled eyelids


Dark circles

vallée des larmes

Tear trough

lifting sourcil

Eyebrow lift

oeil creux paupière

 Sunken eye sockets, filling the upper eye area

poches regard yeux

Under-eye bags 

poches malaires regards yeux

Malar bags 


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