Even before any signs of ageing are evident, fatigue can have an impact on the beauty of the eye area. It is possible to redesign the eye area, giving it a bright outline.

The eye’s shape, a symbol of beauty

The human eye can take many different shapes. The most sought-after, and considered as the feminine ideal is that of the almond shaped eye. Aesthetic medicine can allow us to obtain this result without hospitalisation and traumatic surgery. Starting from different eye shapes, injections to various zones can achieve a natural looking result.

Aesthetic medicine can fight under eye shadows

Fatigue and age have numerous effects on our eyes. Unwanted under eye shadows or rings, wrinkled skin, and fatty excesses can all be improved by aesthetic medicine. Numerous treatments can be adapted to each case, resulting in a natural, rejuvenated result. Lasers can vastly improve or even erase marks on the skin, as well as the little lines which create the appearance of crumpled, wrinkled skin.

Dark shadows are not necessarily due to age or fatigue. They are sometimes genetic and appear from adolescence onwards. As the bone and muscle structure start to change, hollowed out dark shadows can appear very early on. ‘Coloured’ shadows (brown, blue or red), are due to hyperpigmentation or vascular congestion. In both cases, weak dermal thickness is partially responsible. Potential available treatments include hyaluronic acid, laser, peels and carboxytherapy.

The benefits of aesthetic medicine for the eye area


Medical blepharoplasty

regard forme

Eye shape

paupières fripées

Crumpled eyelids


Dark circles

vallée des larmes

Tear trough

lifting sourcil

Eyebrow tail lift

oeil creux paupière

Sunken eye sockets, filling the upper eye area 

poches regard yeux

Under-eye bags 

poches malaires regards yeux

Malar bags 

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