Millions of women experience the symptoms associated with vaginal relaxation.
A widening vaginal canal is due to giving birth, pelvic surgery, and natural ageing. The labia major and the perineum also become larger.
These changes are responsible for vulvo-vaginal atrophy or shrinkage, genitourinary syndrome and vaginal sagging.
This sagging diminishes the capacity for vaginal orgasm as the vagina has become bigger.

Vulvo-vaginal atrophy causes dyspareunia, vaginal dryness and itching.

The vaginal lining is very delicate, with a thickness of only 3mm, made up of numerous folds. 4 layers exist :
– Epithelial coating.
– The lamina propria, a collagen and elastin rich layer.
– A layer of muscles.
– A loose conjunctival layer.

Medical vaginoplasty by hyaluronic acid injections 

In theory, it is possible to reduce the width of the vagina using hyaluronic acid injections. In practice, even if the practitioner is very experienced (with the ability to correctly place the product in the sub-mucosa, and with perfect knowledge of the localised anatomy), this technique carries the risk of wounding surrounding structures, and one cannot inject a huge amount of the product (and the vagina will only narrow slightly). No scientific study has been carried out on the effectiveness of this particular procedure.



Vaginal rejuvenation by laser

Preparing for the treatment

The hormonal status of the patient must be evaluated in order to establish the type of vaginal mucose.

Age Hormonal state Vaginal mucose


>55 years



Post menopause

 picture vagin post menopause


>35 et <55 years



Peri menopause

 picture vagin peri menopause
<35 years Pre menopause picture vagin young

A general gynaecological examination must take place in the three months prior to the first treatment session in order to treat any infections or neoplasia.
A urine test must also be conducted a few days before the session; any urine infections are prohibitive of laser treatment.
The gynaecological examination that I carry out before the session must be normal (no lesions or infections).
The vaginal canal, entrance and opening will be disinfected, then the vaginal canal will be wiped down in order to assure the correct laser penetration.


No prior anaesthetic or preparation is required.
A sterile hand piece is used.

picture laser for medical vaginoplasty

This hand piece has a centimetre scale which allows for accurate positioning in the vagina.

This treatment has three phases:

– First phase : fractional ablative treatment

The hand piece is inserted into the vagina up to the cervix ( 7-10 cm ), and the optical mirror is initially directed upwards.
Treatment is carried out by turning the hand piece by 45° between each laser shot.

picture intimate surgeryImage shrinking vagina without intimate surgery

Once a completion rotation (360°) has taken place, the hand piece is withdrawn by 1cm.  The procedure is repeated until the final centimetre indicator is visible outside the vagina.

picture tightening of the perinee muscles

– Second phase : thermic treatment

The hand piece is inserted into the vagina up to the cervix ( 7-10 cm ), and the optical mirror is initially directed upwards.
Treatment is carried out by turning the hand piece by 22.5° between each laser shot.

picture shrink the vagina without kinesitherapy

Once a completion rotation ( 360°) has taken place, the hand piece is withdrawn by 0.5cm.  The procedure is repeated until the final centimetre indicator is visible outside the vagina.

picture medical vaginoplasty by hyaluronic acid

– Third phase : fractional ablative treatment of the vulva and entrance

picture shrink of entry of the vagina

This is a classic fractional ablative treatment, and one or two sweeps are carried out.
There is no risk involved for the adjacent urethra or cervix.

Shrinking vagina without intimate surgery

Laser vaginoplasty is a non-invasive, reliable and effective intravaginal act, used to treat vaginal sagging syndrome. This treatment aims to reach the elastin and collagen fibre rich layer in order to stimulate it.

picture woman intimate surgery

This treatment uses an Erbium laser, with tools and programmes specifically conceived for this treatment. The laser works by non-ablative photo-thermic heating of the vaginal canal.
picture vaginoplasty without surgery in paris

Protocol and results of laser vaginoplasty

Two or three sessions at an interval of 4-6 weeks are generally recommended. 70% of patients need 2 sessions.
A maintenance session is necessary every year, or every two to three years, depending on the underlying state of the vagina.

Patient satisfaction rates are high. Benefits are physical and psychological (with improved self-confidence). Endoscopic examinations show how this treatment narrows the vagina.

picture vaginal rejuvenation in paris picture laser vaginoplasty in paris

Improvement can be observed after the first treatment session, but a real difference is experiences after two or three treatments.

Side effects and precautions to take after laser vaginoplasty

No post-op precautions are necessary. The patient can return straight away to their normal daily activity.
Sexual activity should be avoided for three days.
An anti-herpes treatment will be proscribed for those who have a history of perineal herpes.
Reddish discharge is normal for 3-4 days.
Giving birth is possible after the treatment.

Useful applications of laser vaginoplasty

Vaginoplasty is a useful treatment for :

Average and moderate vaginal sagging without associated muscular sagging.
Those who wish to accentuate their pleasure. A single session will be sufficient.
If the vaginal widening is too great, the width will be reduced but treatment often depends on surgery.

Conditions prohibiting laser vaginoplasty

Conditions prohibiting laser vaginoplasty include :
– Pregnancy.
– Lesions and/or infections on the zone to be treated.
– Undiagnosed vaginal bleeding.
– Periods.

Tariff for vaginoplasty

The session costs €650€.

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