Defining premature ejaculation. What is premature ejaculation?

The International Society for Sexual Medicine defines premature ejaculation in relation to three criteria :
– Delay of less than a minute between introducing the penis and ejaculation.
– Impossibility of delaying ejaculation.
– The feeling of dissatisfaction or frustration in one or both partners.

Primary premature ejaculation concerns problems from the beginning of sexual relations, whilst secondary premature ejaculation concerns problems which occur after a period of satisfactory sexual activity.

Causes of premature ejaculation

Causes of premature ejaculation include :
– Psychological factors such as stress, one’s relationship to women, and the fear of sex itself.
– Emotional factors, as the inexperienced man is often very tense and stressed.
– Physical causes such as a short foreskin, an overly sensitive penis head, or even a urethral irritation ( temporary premature ejaculation ).

The most common cause is an overly sensitive penis head, as the nerve endings are stimulated too quickly.

Treating premature ejaculation by hyaluronic acid injections to the penis head

Hyaluronic acid injections are a quick non-surgical treatment for premature ejaculation.
The hyaluronic acid injected under the skin of the penis head or glans acts like a cushion between the surface and the nerve endings. Consequently, the nerves are less stimulated, the head is less sensitive and intercourse will last longer.
This technique has additional benefits :
– Enlarging the penis head or glans/
– Increasing female pleasure (a larger head stimulates the G-spot more easily).

What happens during the session to treat premature ejaculation?

The injection takes about ten minutes, and will take place at the doctor’s office.
Thirty minutes beforehand, the patient applies an anaesthetising cream, or this can be applied in the office (it takes 5 minutes to act).
A small local anaesthetic is administered by needle to the base of the glans.

schema of hyaluronic acid injection in penile glans for premature ejaculation 

A supple, flexibly hyaluronic acid must be used: as such, I use Restylane.

Complications, indications of treatment for premature ejaculation

Side effects and complications are minimal. Slight swelling might last for a few days, but there is no scarring.
3-5 days of abstinence are recommended after the injection.

The counter-indications are the same as for any hyaluronic acid injection (see the relevant section). It si not suitable for sufferers of Peyronie’s disease.
This treatment for premature ejaculation is ideal when premature ejaculationhas become a problem for one of the partners.

Results of hyaluronic acid treatment for premature ejaculation

The result is immediate and natural. Clinical studies have shown that this is a harmless and effective act. The result lasts about a year, according to various scientific studies.  The patient treated will not notice any real changes in their sexual sensitivity.

Medicines for treating premature ejaculation

Some medicines can slow down ejaculation; however, they are prescribed in tandem with psychodynamic and behavioural analysis, and seen as a temporary solution as they have associated side effects.

Anti-depressants, and especially serotonin inhibitors can be used for this purpose (Prozac ,fluoxetine, Deroxat ,paroxetine)

The first medicine specifically for the treatment of premature ejaculation, dapoxetine, or ‘Priligy’, has been licensed in France since 2013. It triples the delay in ejaculation time, and has minimal side effects.

Exercises to slow down ejaculation, or how to last longer

Several exercises can help you control ejaculation, for example :
– Acontracting the pelvic muscle and thigh adductors during sex, as this speeds up ejaculation.
– Daily perineal strengthening exercises.
– Learn to recognise the sensation which pre-figure ejaculation, so that you’re not surprised by it.
– Practising relaxation techniques.
– Masturbation sessions during which you are constrained not to ejaculate too quickly.

This page is purely informative, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ordre of Doctors.It is not a publicity for treatments .


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