The volume and shape of the labia majora (the vaginal labia) can change over time due to several factors :
– Ageing (skin loses its elasticity and becomes droopy), over time the labia majora start to sag and dehydrate. The fat which used to constitute them atrophies, leaving excess skin. This loss of volume is linked to declining turgidity (their ability to swell). Thus, they can no longer play their role protecting the labia minor and vagina, creating discomfort which constricts a woman’s physical and psychological bloom.
– Significant weight loss.
– One or several pregnancies or even be genetic.
This unpleasant appearance can affect the confidence and well-being of women and can also cause emotional discomfort during intimate relations.


Hyaluronic acid injections around the labia majora can rejuvenate them, by augmenting their volume and correcting their shape, thus returning/bringing back all the vulva’s sensuality.

What happens during the session at the Parisian medical aesthetics clinic ?

The injection takes place at the doctor’s clinic, with the patient in the gynaecological or lithotomy position. The type of acid injected is Desirial® . Desirial® is the first hyaluronic acid specifically formulated for female intimacy which carries the CE mark and has been approved by the main authorities for gynaecological uses ( mucous rehydration, labioplasty, and G-spot injection ).

Injection is administered by cannula, with the entry point at the front (A) or at the back (B).

labia majora of xomen in medical schema

The injection is intradermal, in the mid to deep dermis; one 1ml dose is injected into each side, and this is adapted according to the state of the hydration. The injection technique can be in rear-tracing lines, fan-style or in a grid pattern.
medical aesthetict rejuvenation of labia majora

Side effects, after effects end result of labia majora augmentation

This injection very occasionally provokes light bleeding, which is of absolutely no consequence, or a temporary local inflammation. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for 12 hours following the injection. All other physical activities are possible straight away.
Results are immediate.

Cosmetic treatment for labial augmentation : before and after photos

Result of augmentation of labia majora aesthetic treatment

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