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There are two types of female orgasm: clitoral and vaginal, thanks to G-spot stimulation. The G-spot is found in a concave part of the vagina, which is difficult to access, which explains why lots of women don’t manage to feel it. Only one third of women reach orgasm through penetration and this is not guaranteed. Incidentally, it is alleged that 16 % of women do not have a G-spot.

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All causes for G-spot dysfunction are a good reason for this intervention to take place.
– Hormonal: hormonal decline over time.
– Anatomic: pelvic floor problems, loss of perineal tone after childbirth and pelvic surgery.
– Psychological.

G-spot amplification using hyaluronic acid is not a therapeutic option for patients who have never experienced vaginal orgasm.
On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind that a decline in sexual pleasure can be due to many factors: hormonal, psychological (stress), post-natal or post perineal surgery or have perineal roots (assessment by a physiotherapist is necessary before the injection).

What happens during the session at the Parisian medical aesthetics clinic ?

A gynaecological exam (by a gynaecologist) undertaken in the last three months is absolutely necessary.
The injection takes place at the doctor’s clinic, with the patient in the gynaecological or lithotomy position, and a speculum is introduced into the vagina.
The G-spot is identified.

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A single injection of 2-3ml of hyaluronic acid will suffice (the same product as used for facial wrinkles).
The type of acid injected is Desirial®Desirial® is the first hyaluronic acid specifically formulated for female intimacy which carries the CE mark and has been approved by the main authorities for gynaecological uses (mucous rehydration, labioplasty, and G-spot injection).
This injection augments the G-spot’s relief (and prominence) and makes it more easy to stimulate during penetration.

Side effects, after effects and result of G-spot enlargement

This injection very occasionally provokes light bleeding, which is of absolutely no consequence, or a temporary local inflammation. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for 12 hours following the injection. All other physical activities are possible straight away.
Results are immediate and last from 8-12 months.
This page is purely informative, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ordre of Doctors.It is not a publicity for treatments .

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