Aesthetic medicine does not only treat what is obvious and visible. Other parts of our body influence our self-confidence and our beauty. The genitalia and most intimate parts of our bodies can be treated to improve well-being.

Penis size, non-surgical penoplasty

Penis size is often a vexatious issue for men. Old adages such as “size doesn’t matter” are not enough to renew confidence among men who think that their penis is too small. Penoplasty is a simple, accessible and non-surgical solution. It involves hyaluronic acid injection to the head and/or shaft of the penis. This only takes a few minutes and gives immediate results.

Moreover, hyaluronic acid injections can be used to treat premature ejaculation. This inability to keep control over ejaculation affects one man in five, and creates many problems for the patient and their partner. Injection to the penis head can effectively treat the majority of such cases and can result in the blossoming sexual activity of the patient.

Solutions to women’s intimate problems

Equally, women can experience genital and intimate problems during sexual relations, inhibiting ‘self-fulfillment’. Aesthetic medicine offers several solutions to allow women to feel better intimately. The G-spot is often identified as the nerve centre for female pleasure. However, this only concerns those women who depend on ‘vaginal’ orgasm, as ‘clitoridens’ derive sexual pleasure from clitoral stimulation. Amongst some ‘vaginal’ patients, it can be difficult to sustain enough pleasure to achieve an orgasm, perhaps due to G-spot shrinkage or atrophy.

Aesthetic treatments also allow for augmentation of the labia major. When labia major lack volume, it can often lead to discomfort, due to emotional unease and a lack of self-confidence. Finally, treatments also exist for vaginal dryness, dyspareunia (painful intercourse) and painful episiotomy scars.

Aesthetic medicine and your intimate life


Penile remodelling

augmentation gland injeciton

Penile glans augmentation

précoces ejaculations acide hyaluronque

Premature ejaculation

Sanssecheressse vaginaletitre-2

Vaginal dryness, dyspareunia, episiotomy scars

agumentations grandes lèvres

Labial augmentation

amplifier point g

G-spot augmentation

Vaginoplasty without surgery

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