Since time immemorial, women have been attracted to men with traits that can be defined as masculine: a straight nose, a square jaw, a pronounced chin and thick eyebrows.
A man with such a face has always been considered sexy.

Dictated by male hormones (testosterone, oestrogen), whose presence in the blood is different amongst men and women, facial traits are not the same for both sexes.

Ideal Masculine Facial Traits considered sexy

  • A square jawline and a clearly defined mandible angle.
    schema male jawline cosmetic medecine paris    schema male mandible angle cosmetic medecine paris
  • A square, well-defined and forward-thrusting chin.
    schema male chin cosmetic medecine paris   photo virile face cosmetic medecine paris
  • A well-defined eyebrow arcade with horizontal, low bushy eyebrows.
    schema male eyebrows cosmetic medecine paris
  • Narrow eyes.
    schema male eyes cosmetic medecine paris
  • High, rectangular cheekbones.
    schema male cheekbones cosmetic medecine paris
  • The male forehead, seen in profile, follows an oblique line from the hairline to the eyebrows with a typical bony projection at the level of the eyebrows.
    schema male forehead cosmetic medecine paris
  • A straight nose.
    schema male nose cosmetic medecine paris
  • A significant relationship between the width and height of the face, that is a rather wide face, with less height in the middle zone.

George Clooney fulfils these criteria

When we masculinise the face of a man, we give him male traits, or accentuate those that he already has.
The age of men who have been ‘injected’ or ‘botoxed’ and look like women is over. Men, like women, want to keep their charm and to have a natural result. Thus, it is important to preserve masculine characteristics.
Facial masculinisation can improve self-esteem which in itself has an impact upon behaviour, comportment and confidence. Augmenting the charm and elegance of a male face means giving personality and greater assurance to a face, which is important in certain professions and milieu.

Techniques available for masculinisation of the male face :

  • Injections to masculinise the face.
  • Lasers and peels to improve the complexion/deal with skin problems.

The ideal man – he’s all bits and pieces!

A survey undertaken by Manchester’s Crown Clinic aimed to find the ‘ideal man’. Among older respondents, the face of the ideal man would be composed of George Clooney’s ‘silver fox’ hair, the laughing eyes of Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt’s nose and David Beckham’s well-trimmed beard.

schema perfect male face

According to the under 30s, the ideal man has Harry Styles’ hair (One Direction), the blue eyes of Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson’s stubble, Jamie Dornan’s nose and Ryan Gosling’s jawline.

schema beautiful male face paris


Aesthetic treatment to masculinize the face : before and after photos

Aesthetic treatment to masculinize the face before and after photos paris

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Applications of facial aesthetic medicine

occidentalisation visage asiatique

Westernisation of Asian features

visage féminisation

Feminization of facial features

beautofocation visage esthétique

BeautiPHIcation of faces

visage profil esthétique

Improve face profile

lifter liquid visage

Lifting Liquid Face

babyface visage bébé

The babyface

injections rides du lions

Frown lines 

injections botox rides fronts

Forehead wrinkles 

injections rides pattes oies

Crow’s feet wrinkles 

sourire gingival botulique

Gummy smile 

affiner visage botox injections

Slim down the face, have a v-shaped face

injections botox bunnies lines


botox botulique bruxisme

Treatment for teeth-grinding

augmenter lèvres sourire

Lip plumping, and smile improvement

plis amertume

Bitterness folds

lèvres vieillissement

Ageing lips and upper lip lines or ‘barcode’ lips

joues creuses

Sunken cheeks and creased cheekbones

rides du sourire

Smile lines



front acide hyaluronique

Forehead and hyaluronic acid





tempes creuses

Sunken temples

sillon naso-génien

Naso labial folds


Medical rhinoplasty

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