Various anatomical differences exist between female and male foreheadsphoto male and female forehead.

Characteristics of the masculine forehead
The masculine forehead, seen in profile, follows an oblique line from the hairline to the eyebrows, with a typical bony projection at the brow.
Characteristics of the feminine forehead
The female forehead, seen in profile, is more vertical and then convex, without any projection at the brow. The eyebrow is higher and the distance between the eyebrow and hairline is about 5 cm.

Forehead ageing 

A youthful forehead is slightly curved, whilst older subjects have a wider, flatter forehead.
As the forehead muscles move and work, their contraction makes horizontal lines appear, the skin slackens, the forehead become higher and the eyebrows descend.
Ageing of the frontal bone changes the contours of the forehead. A youthful forehead has a convex curve in both senses, vertical and horizontal. The curves change with age. In a vertical sense, starting at the hair, the curves form a little curve, then a hollow and again curve out at the eyebrow arcade.
The forehead thus tends to take an S form. The same thing happens in the horizontal sense with a curve at the sides of the head, then a hollow and again a curve in the central part. This is the ‘skeletisation’ of the forehead.

Forehead anomalies among young patients

Anomalies can occur to the forehead, even among the youngest patients, which can be corrected :
– Bony ridge near the eyebrows: this bony ridge can give a very masculine appearance to the face.
photo cosmetic treatment for bump on the forehead

– Sloping forehead: roundness is created by injecting into the upper zone of the forehead.
photo cosmetic treatment for round forehead

– Flat forehead: roundness is created by injecting into the central zone of the forehead.
photo cosmetic treatment to change the shape of forehead

– Concave forehead: roundness and volume must be created by injecting hyaluronic acid into this concave zone.
photo cosmetic treatment for concave forehead

Aesthetic treatment of forehead with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid can be used for the following purposes on the forehead :
– Plump up/volumise a forehead and give it back its youthful curves.
– Feminise or masculinise a forehead.
– Treat any hollowing or bosses which may occur to the forehead.

Injection is by cannula: this reduces the pain, and allows the product to be more precisely placed.
If the forehead is very hollow, or if a lot more volume is needed to gain a convex shape, I use a relatively thick Restylane type hyaluronic acid.  If the forehead is less hollow, or just a bit flat, I prefer to use a suppler type of hyaluronic acid like Emervel classic.
Following a hyaluronic acid injection, you might experience some small irregularities for a week, and light swelling which can last a day or so, thus it is best to allow for a recovery time of 12 hours.

Aesthetic treatment of forehead : before and after photos

Aesthetic treatment of forehead before and after photos paris

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