What is the baby face?

The baby face, as the name suggests, is having a face like a baby. The skin is dense, even, hydrated and without wrinkles.
The temples are full, the cheekbones are rounded and centrally placed, the cheeks are full, there are no under-eye circles, no naso-labial (nose-mouth) or bitterness lines, and there is no facial sagging. The face is triangular, pointing downwards.

baby face visage

How does ageing change the face?

Aesthetic medicine can correct some facial changes due to ageing. It can treat:

– The inversion of the ‘beauty triangle’.

visage bébé baby
The ratios of the ‘beauty triangle’ using hyaluronic acid injections and tensile threads.

– Muscular ageing and the appearance of dynamic and static wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines.

front baby face
These lines can be treated with botulinum toxin (Botox) injections.

– The appearance of lines around the eyelid, and loss of tone.

paupière visage baby face

This treatment uses fractional ablatif laser.

– Drooping eyebrows and loss of volume to the Charpy adipose cushion which gives tone and shape to the eyebrow

yeux visage baby face
This treatment involves hyaluronic acid injections around the eyebrow.

– Hollowing of the temples due to descending underlying fatty tissue.

visages bébé baby face
This treatment involves hyaluronic acid injections.

– Under-eye bags.

vallée des larmes baby face
This treatment involves hyaluronic acid injections.

– Descending cheekbones and definition following the descent of malar fat.

graisse malaire baby face
The malar fat is lifted using hyaluronic acid injections, or tensile threads.

– The appearance of naso-labial and bitterness folds.

naso-gésien baby face
These lines or folds are treated by lifting the underlying fatty tissue via hyaluronic acid injections and tensile threads, then by filling the hollow or fold with hyaluronic acid.

– Backwards movement or reabsorption of the chin, loss of definition to the facial oval, and reduced height to the lower third of the face.

ovale visage baby face
These changes are corrected using hyaluronic acid injections.

– Thinning of the skin.

acide hyaluronique baby face

These changes can be corrected by laser treatment.

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Applications of facial aesthetic medicine

occidentalisation visage asiatique

Westernisation of Asian features

visage féminisation

Feminization of facial features

masculinisation visage

Masculinisation of male faces

beautofocation visage esthétique

BeautiPHIcation of faces

visage profil esthétique

Improve face profile

lifter liquid visage

Lifting Liquid Face

injections rides du lions

Frown lines and botox

injections botox rides fronts

Forehead wrinkles and botox

injections rides pattes oies

Crow’s feet wrinkles and botox

sourire gingival botulique

Gummy smile and botox

affiner visage botox injections

Slim down the face, have a v-shaped face

injections botox bunnies lines

Bunny-lines and botox

botox botulique bruxisme

Botox treatment for teeth-grinding

augmenter lèvres sourire

Lip plumping, and smile improvement

plis amertume

Bitterness folds

lèvres vieillissement

Ageing lips and upper lip lines or ‘barcode’ lips

joues creuses

Sunken cheeks and creased cheekbones

rides du sourire

Smile lines



front acide hyaluronique

Forehead and hyaluronic acid





tempes creuses

Sunken temples

sillon naso-génien

Naso labial folds


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