A young face is well rounded and filled-out.
With time, descending fat reserves ‘draw’ hollows onto the face.  At around 40, following the disappearance of forehead fat, the temples become empty, contributing to the fall of the eyebrow tail, ageing of the eye-area, a ‘sad’ appearance and the skeletisation of the face.
image hollow temples

Hollow temples treatment

Treatment is performed using surface injections of hyaluronic acid by cannula or needle.
filling hollow tollow temples by hyaluronic acid injection in paris

The injection can be at the surface if the skin is sufficiently thick, and the veins hardly visible. A moderately reticulated /thick Restylane type product is placed under the skin above the surface temporal (temple) fascia.
If the skin is fine, the veins too visible or the hollow too deep, the injection will itself be deeper. A more reticulated (stiffer, thicker) product will be used, of Restylane Perlane type, and will be injected into the temporal (temple) muscle, under the deep temporal fascia.
This procedure requires a lot of product, using one or one and a half syringes per side.
Hyaluronic acid will stay in place for about a year and a half or slightly more.

After effects of treatment of hollow temples with hyaluronic acid

Apart from bruising or rare haematomas, you might feel a sensation of pressure around the area injected for a couple of days, and restricted chewing movement is possible if the injection is deep. If a surface injection, any irregularities will be seen at the surface, and the patient will be advised to massage the area morning and night for about ten days, during which time the product will stabilise.

Result of treatment of hollow temples with hyaluronic acid

We can recreate the curves and volumes of the face, and make the hollows and shadows around the temple disappear. This will rejuvenate and open the eye area, and lift the eyebrow tail.

photo filling hollow tollow temples by fat injection in paris
Le creusement temporal, souvent pas authentifié par les patientes, est un signe de vieillissement qui attriste et vieillit le visage.

Aesthetic treatment of the sunken temples : before and after photos

photo filling hollow tollow temples by fat iand hyaluronic acid in paris

For more images go to : www.dr-romano-esthetique.com/en/results-before-after/sunken-temples/

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