The cheekbones are an essential part of facial balance, defining the palpebral area and design the limit of the cheeks and nose. A high, full, and rounded cheekbone creates the appearance of health and youth, and optimises the eye area.
A flat, drooping cheekbone area creates the impression of age and fatigue. Well defined cheekbones are more photogenic, as celebrities know well.
A full, rounded cheekbone helps to prevent the fall of cutaneous tissue and faces with full, rounded cheekbones age less, and more slowly.
The ideal cheekbone should be neither too high nor too low, but centred on the upper jaw. It should follow a soft curve which goes from the nose to the zygomatic arcade.
picture bone of cheekbones paris

picture beautiful cheekbone paris
With time, the cheekbone flattens due to the ptosis (dropping) of the malar fat and bone re-absorption around the upper jaw.
schema loss of volume of cheekbones                schema cheekbones paris


Scale of cheekbone sagging :
table cheekbones prominent cheekbones and plat cheekbones

In youth, the face can be seen as triangle, where the base is centred on the cheekbones, but with age, the ptosis of the fat, and re-absorption of the bone causes this triangle to turn upside down.
photo young and old cheekbone

Treatment of cheekbone with hyaluronic acid

Injection of hyaluronic acid aims to volumise the cheekbone, without excessively filling it. The result must stay natural.
There is also a second advantage to this treatment, as filling the malar region helps to lift the soft, underlying tissues, notably helping to improve nose-chin furrows and the jowls, and smoothing the tear trough area by eliminating bags.
picture treatment of cheekbone by hyaluronic acid i

Injections can be administered to various zones of the malar region.

schema cheekbone treatment without surgery

– Only the malar zone to lift and define the cheekbone or
photo prosthesis of cheekbone in paris
– The malar and overlying region to further lift the cheek as well as defining the side of the cheekbone.
photo prominent cheekbone without prosthesis in paris

Injection is administered by cannula or by needle in contact with the bone, some small amounts can be placed in the sub-cutaneous layer.
schema cheekbone injection with hyaluronic acid paris
The quantity and type of product used are chosen according to your face. The product is often a Restylane Perlane thicker, volumising product, but sometimes I choose a thinner, less reticulated product like Restylane.

The product will stay in place for a year and a half, and up to two years.

Aesthetic treatment of the cheekbones: before and after photos

Aesthetic treatment of the cheekbones paris before and after photos

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