Bruxism is a parafunctional jaw habit (an unconscious movement of the manducatory tract) either by clenching the teeth (centred bruxism) or lateral, grinding movements. This parafunction allows children to get rid of their milk teeth, and the habit generally disappears with the appearance of adult teeth, but it can manifest itself as a condition among adults during the day, and more frequently at night. It is mainly an unconscious habit.

Consequences of bruxism (teeth grinding)

Consequences include:
Grinding and rubbing of the teeth, most often at night and making noises audible to the patient’s partner.
– This leads to abnormal wear of the teeth (the first affected are the exposed edges of incisors and canines, and the occlusal (top) surface of molars), leading to damage to the alveolo-dental ligaments and the alveolar bone, resulting in movement and tooth loss.
Image consequence of teeth grinding at night

– Hypertrophy of the lifting muscles of the mandible (masseter and temporal) and disequilibrium between the jaw’s downward and upward movement muscles.
This hypertrophy can:
1) Cause problems in temporal-mandibular articulation and pain when chewing (sometimes the only solution is to mash up or to purée food), limited ability to open the mouth, cracking joints when the mouth is opened and closed, and hearing problems.
2) Have an aesthetic impact due to hypertrophy of the temporal and masseter muscles 3) block the Stenon canal (the parotid gland canal) and be the origin of a parotid (inflammation of the parotid gland) or a salivary gland inflammation.

Treatment for bruxism (teeth grinding)

In many countries injections are used in the masseter and/or temporal for bruxism treatment and its consequences (including the unsightliness of hypertrophic muscles, and the injections allow for facial refinement/narrowing).
image teeth grinding in paris

A single session suffices for two thirds of patients. No secondary effects have been observed if the injecting practitioner is experienced .
This injection is done specifically into the muscle concerned and in a concentrated quantity in order to avoid it spreading to the muscles which are not targeted by the treatment.

This page is purely informative, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ordre of Doctors.It is not a publicity for treatments .

Applications of facial aesthetic medicine

occidentalisation visage asiatique

Westernisation of Asian features

visage féminisation

Feminization of facial features

masculinisation visage

Masculinisation of male faces

beautofocation visage esthétique

BeautiPHIcation of faces

visage profil esthétique

Improve face profile

babyface visage bébé

The babyface

injections rides du lions

Frown lines 

injections botox rides fronts

Forehead wrinkles 

injections rides pattes oies

Crow’s feet wrinkles 

sourire gingival botulique

Gummy smile

affiner visage botox injections

Slim down the face, have a v-shaped face

injections botox bunnies lines


augmenter lèvres sourire

Lip plumping, and smile improvement

plis amertume

Bitterness folds

lèvres vieillissement

Ageing lips and upper lip lines or ‘barcode’ lips

joues creuses

Sunken cheeks and creased cheekbones

rides du sourire

Smile lines



front acide hyaluronique

Forehead and hyaluronic acid





tempes creuses

Sunken temples

sillon naso-génien

Naso labial folds


Medical rhinoplasty

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