The bitterness folds are lines which start from the corner of the mouth and descend towards the chin: their progression is gradual and inescapable.

picture bitterness fold

These are the most ageing lines for the face, and give the impression of an ill-temper.

Causes of bitterness folds

Several factors lead to the appearance of these lines :
– The contraction of the facial skin muscles, notably the DAO muscle which pulls the corners of the lips downwards.
picture causes of bitterness fold

– Skin sagging and the ptosis (fall) of lower internal fat.

photo bitterness fold comsetic lift paris

– The loss of support offered by the fat around the edge of the lips, and bone ageing.
photo bitterness fold anatomy paris

The progress of bitterness folds can be judged against a scale :
photo bitterness fold stages gravity paris

There are also scales for the position of the labial commissure (edge of lips) :
picture progress of bitterness folds

Aesthetic treatment for bitterness folds

Hyaluronic acid

Depending on the severity of fold, a moderately reticulated Retylane type hyaluronic acid or a strongly reticulated Restylane Perlane type acid will be used. The injection is administered to the fold, and in an imaginary triangle placed under the labial commissure to give support to the edges of the lips, and to gently lift them.
picture bitterness folds solution

The product stays in place between eight months and two years, depending on the severity of the fold, the age of the patient and the product used.
For certain uses, or where there is significant sagging, it is only possible to improve the appearance of the fold, rather than to correct it. In this case, the sagging must be treated using a hyaluronic acid lift (the vector technique).
picture modifying bitterness mechanism paris      picture modifying bitterness applications paris

Or by tensile thread (a thread lift)
picture modifying bitterness threads hyaluronic acid paris

Aesthetic treatment of bitterness folds: before and after photos

 photo before after getting rid of the betterness fols paris

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