What if beauty was all about maths?

The Golden number, 1.618, is in keeping with the mathematical representation of beauty. This golden number, called Phi, expresses the relationship between two elements, and corresponds mathematically to the following relationship :
 Image beauty face symmetry

What is beautyPHIcation? The PHI principle

Beautifying a face doesn’t only involve restoring its youth, but also resides in the ability to give it perfect proportions. BEAUTIPHICATION ™ is a method for injecting the face which follows Leonardo da Vinci’s mathematical principles for beauty and harmony. This is the medical version of the idea that ideal beauty can/could be a universal notion, demonstrable by the mathematical concept of ‘phi’ ( the golden ratio ).

 image of face proportions for injections

PHI’s applications

Leonardo da Vinci, amongst others, pursued scientific research in order to find the mathematical formula for beauty, and he used as evidence a ratio found in numerous iconic buildings such as the Pyramid of Cheops or the Parthenon. This ratio can be applied to the face.

I measure certain facial lengths, and by using callipers, I can obtain the width which corresponds to the phi ratio.

 Image beautiphication and number of gold in cosmetic medicine in paris

If this doesn’t correspond with the ratio of 1.618, I can augment, or fill zones which are out of proportion, in order to approach the golden ratio The results are subtle and natural. When I started to measure faces, and bring them closer to the phi proportion, the effects were amazing. People told me ‘Doctor, it’s amazing, it’s how I’ve always been, I look so fresh, I look ten years younger’.

Creating symmetry

Symmetry and beauty are not synonymous. In fact, perfect symmetry can harm the final result. I don’t aim for symmetry, but prefer to look for two ‘sister’ sides to the face, rather than perfect twins. This applies to all areas of the face except the lips.


A lot of practitioners concentrate on one or two parts of the face – the lips, the cheeks – and they forget the overall facial appearance.
I take a more global approach, and divide it into thirds. I analyse the main feature of each third (e.g. the eyebrow is the key element of the upper third, the middle third is dominated by the nose, and the lips are the focus of the lower third), as well as its lines, contours, volumes, hollows and proportions.

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Applications of facial aesthetic medicine

occidentalisation visage asiatique

Westernisation of Asian features

visage féminisation

Feminization of facial features

masculinisation visage

Masculinisation of male faces

visage profil esthétique

Improve face profile

babyface visage bébé

The babyface

injections rides du lions

Frown lines 

injections botox rides fronts

Forehead wrinkles 

injections rides pattes oies

Crow’s feet wrinkles 

sourire gingival botulique

Gummy smile 

affiner visage botox injections

Slim down the face, have a v-shaped face

injections botox bunnies lines


botox botulique bruxisme

Treatment for teeth-grinding

augmenter lèvres sourire

Lip plumping, and smile improvement

plis amertume

Bitterness folds

lèvres vieillissement

Ageing lips and upper lip lines or ‘barcode’ lips

joues creuses

Sunken cheeks and creased cheekbones

rides du sourire

Smile lines



front acide hyaluronique

Forehead and hyaluronic acid





tempes creuses

Sunken temples

sillon naso-génien

Naso labial folds


Medical rhinoplasty

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