All women dream of having beautiful elongated, toned legs, but often we have wide calves which we find really difficult to change through exercise or diet.

What causes wide calves?

Wide calves might be genetic, or due to:
– An unhealthy life style ( too sedentary, or overly rich in fatty, salty food ).
– Water retention.
– Muscular hypertrophy.
– Fatty deposits.
– Cellulite.

Treatment of the fat in calves

Cryolipolysis is an effective and fast treatment for localized fat deposits, a smaller handpiece is used for this area.

picture cryolipolisis calves in paris

Treatment of fluid retention and reduction of calf circumference

The radio frequency is based on the passage of current between electrodes. Electric fields create an energy directed towards the deep layers. This allows a remodeling of the area, an improvement of the texture of the skin and firming.

We use essentially two handpieces:

– A handpiece with a suction system that doubles the volume of treated tissue and heats up to 3 cm deep.
picture radiofrequency calves in paris

A massage function is associated for the reduction of cellulitis.

– A handpiece specially designed for the treatment of laxity, body shaping and for volume reduction.

picture radiofrequency streamling calves in paris

picture fluid retention treatment

Treatment of the muscles of calves

The two key calf muscles are the gastrocnemius and soleus.

image calf leg

In many countries injections are used to reduce calves volume. The injection acts by paralysing the muscle, and leading to reduction by muscular atrophy.
The result is gradual, but is clearly visible 1 month after the injection, and lasts for 3-6 months for the first injections, and 6 months thereafter. At least 2 cm will be lost.

image calves reduction et slimming


Aesthetic treatment of calves : before and after photos streamlining calves

 Photo before streamlinf of calves in paris

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In this case, cellulite (see the relevant section) and localised fat deposits must be treated, notably by cryolipolysis (see the relevant section)


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