Skin changes over time, and everyone gets rumpled skin on their knees, elbows and in other areas of the body.
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This appearance is thanks to changes to skin over time: the dermis and epidermis get thinner, the skin becomes dehydrated, becoming less elastic and, wrinkles appear.

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Treatment to hydrate the body’s skin and tackle ageing

Several treatments exist, and they are listed here in order of their effectiveness:

– Hyaluronic acid injections to treat signs of bodily ageing

Hyaluronic acid tackles the skin’s rumpled appearance, hydrating and volumizing the dermis, making the skin thicker and more elastic. Following clinical examination, the most suitable type of acid for the patient’s needs is chosen: whether lightly reticulated like Restylane Skin Booster, a mid-reticulated acid like Restylane or a strongly reticulated type like Restylane Perlane.

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– Laser session to treat signs of bodily ageing

Lasers stimulate dermal synthesis. Erbium lasers or ( the less effective ) Nd Yag lasers are used, sometimes in ablative mode.
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– Meso threads and tensile threads to treat signs of bodily ageing ( please read the relevant section on threads )

The threads stimulate, like other techniques, dermal synthesis.
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Aesthetic treatment of body with hyaluronic acid : before and after photos

Photo products and lotion for the body based on hyaluronic acid

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