Sagging skin appears with the passing of the years.
Linked to ageing, it is above all due to change in the skin’s connective tissues, which get thinner as elastic and collagen fibres decline and dwindle, the blood flow slows down, and hydration decreases.
Factors such as sun exposure, hormonal changes, pregnancy and diets are all responsible for this phenomenon.

Slackening skin is often most marked:
– On thethighs.
Slackening skin on the thigh cosmetic in paris
– On the arms.
picture of fat on the arms cosmetic in parisSagging skin on the arms cosmetic in paris
– On the belly .
Sagging skin on the belly cosmetic in paris
–  On the buttocks.
picture of sagging skin on the buttock cosmetic in paris

It is possible to slow down and improve this slackening, without having recourse to surgery.

Treatments of sagging skin in Paris 

Available techniques include:

Threads against sagging skin 

Resorbing suspension threads are one technique to lift slack skin.
Currently, tensile threads are the only light technique which gives an immediate lift by restoring the body’s contours. (See the relevant section)


Laser light is transformed into heat when absorbed by the skin. This heat stimulates collagen production, leading to the skin tautening, and thus appearing firmer.
The laser must be adapted to a very long shoot time.(See the relevant sections on fractional lasers and laser photo rejuvenation.

Monopolar (Thermage), bipolar and multipolar  radiofrequency

Radiofrequency is a medical alternative to body lifts.
An electrical current penetrates the skin, and heats it deeply, without overheating the epidermis, thus without burning or causing pain.
The higher temperature stimulates the production of new collagen fibres, and makes them denser, leading to deep dermal remodelling, and softer, firmer skin.
The results are gradual, as one must wait for new collagen fibres to be produced. Improvement takes several months. ( see the section on Radiofrequency ).

The area to be treated is delimited and an effective number of passages are made.

picture radiofrequency treatment for sagging skin of the body paris


This technique encourages a growth in the thickness of the dermis by stimulating fibroblasts ( skin cells ) to make new collagen fibres; it also leads to better microcirculation and improved skin elasticity, appearance and tone ( see the section on Carboxytherapy ).


Mesotherapy substantially and durably improves skin’s hydration, its tone, and gives it a new glow. ( see the section on Mesotherapy ).

Focused ultrasound ( see the section on ultherapy )

Cosmetic treatment for sagging skin : before and after photos

 Photo before after beautifuk knees in paris

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