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Treatment for keratosis pilaris

Ingrowing hairs or keratosis pilaris is one of the most common skin problems, affecting about 40% of the population. It is due to overproduction of keratin in the hair follicles.
 Image cause keratosis pilaris

It generally occurs during the first decade of life, peaking during adolescence and early adulthood. It generally lessens and disappears after the age of 30, but it can reappear, or persist after 30.

This problem is completely benign and the origin of most cases is genetic, but sometimes other secondary factors such as psoriasis and abnormal follicles play a part.

Clinic of keratosis pilaris

 Image points skin legs and arms

Clinically, one observes dry skin with a granular appearance similar to goose bumps, and sometimes redness (inflamed ingrowing hair), which is rugged to the touch.  Apart from being a beauty issue, there are no other symptoms.

Ingrowing hairs are found on the bottom, arms, and lower limbs, but rarely on the face.

Treatment of keratosis pilaris in Paris

– Peels

Their Keratolytic effect lifts off the layer of keratin around the hair follicle.

– Creams

Urea, salicylic acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid based creams can only lightly improve ingrowing hairs in conjunction with treatments prescribed by your doctor.

Cosmetic treatment of keratosis pilaris : before and after photos

Photo treatment keratosis pilaire in paris

For more images go to : www.dr-romano-esthetique.com/en/results-before-after/keratosis-pilaris/

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