The ideal beauty of male and female bodies has been defined by different criteria across the ages. Currently, a beautiful body is defined as thin, and firm, with a markedly different muscular appearance to each sex.

Aesthetic medicine for general bodily well-being

Aesthetic medicine does not just have uses for facial beauty, but can also contribute to maintaining our general well-being. Numerous bodily problems can inhibit, or even prohibit socialising, or even lead to pain. Many people, male and female, suffer from hypersudation. Excessive transpiration or sweat can easily lead to problems in our intimate and professional social circles. The smell and the dampness of the body are an obvious problem for any closeness.

Wearing high heels also leads to pain. Many women suffer aches and pains thanks to long days wearing heeled shoes. This problem is caused by the prolonged imbalance of the foot and the position of the foot when wearing these shoes. It leads to weakened, slumped foot pads, and thus to pain. Treatment, if carried out early on at the first signs of pain, can be quick and simple. Hyaluronic acid injections allow us to rebuild, and reinforce the pads.

Revitalised bodily beauty without hospitalisation

Aesthetic medicine offers a range of solutions to improve the body’s beauty and appearance. Ageing often leads to a loss of skin elasticity, and, hence sagging skin and descending fatty tissues. This can be dealt with without having to undergo heavy surgery or hospitalisation. Tensile threads are a medium-to-long-term solution to deal with drooping facial tissue. Various methods exist to improve the skin’s firmness on different parts of the body.

What aesthetic medicine can do for your body



jambes esthétique mollet

Streamlining calves

rajeunir acide hyaluronique corps

Hyaluronic acid for the body



celfina cellulite fesses cuisses

Cellfina, bye bye Cellulite

footlifting loub job

Foot lift loub-job

pieds mains

Hands and feet



relâchement cutané

Slack, sagging skin


Keratosis pilaris or ingrowing hairs

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