Vascular laser treatment : varicose sclerosis


Varicosities (spider or thread veins) are permanent dilations of small intradermal blood vessels in the lower limbs.
They are seen in both  women as in men they are difficult to treat due to their varying diameter and depth.
There are distinctive and different types of ‘spider’ or ‘thread’ veins:
– Blue spider veins with a diameter between 0.5mm and 2mm.
– Red spider veins with a diameter less than 0.5 mm.

Some spider veins are parallel to the skin’s surface, while others dive deep into the skin, linked to the hypodermic, and even intramuscular networks.
The YAG LP 1064 nm laser is currently the most suitable and efficient form of treatment for dealing with red and blue spider veins.


shoot of perfect smooth female legs receiving laser epilation , side view. smooth long legs

Vascular laser (laser Nd :Yag)

The Nd: Yag laser is the gold standard for the treatment of varicosities. A preliminary phlebological assessment is necessary with venous doppler ultrasound in search of a venous insufficiency.
Some spider veins have a small diameter - less than 0.3 mm - which makes them inaccessible to the thinnest needles (30G ½ needle) used in micro-sclerosis.
The result is obtained by coagulation of the vessel after the laser firing.
The result is not immediate but comes in the following weeks. The treatment often requires two sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart.


Each session lasts an average of 15-30 minutes. The course of the session is done without anesthesia, a cold gel is placed on the skin and laser shots succeed one another step by step, throughout the vessel to be treated.
Unlike micro-sclerosis, there is no sting or injected product. No dressing is needed, furthermore there is no bruise. The treatment is effective and requires fewer sessions than micro-sclerosis.
The treated area should not be exposed to the sun months after treatment.


The contraindications are as follows:
- A dermatological lesion/ wounds located on the skin area to be treated.
- The demonstration of proven venous insufficiency requiring prior treatment.
- High phototypes, skin types (V, VI).
- Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

After effects

We observe an erythema and we feel a sensation of heat. Slight edema, light swelling  and temporary whitening are visible around the treated area. The appearance of crusts on the second day is common, they disappear in a few days without leaving a scar but do not tear or scartch  them off.
If phlyctenes (ampoules) appear, do not touch them, you must contact your doctore immediateltly. Rarely, there is transient hyperpigmentation, which can sometimes persist for a few months and increase with solar exposure. On dark phototypes/ skin types  temporary hypopigmentation may occur.



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I had varicosities on my legs. Doctor Romano did laser sessions and now I have nothing at all!


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Written by Valeria Romano

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