Non surgical chin augmentation and lift


In the aesthetics of the face, the appearance of the profile plays one of the most important roles. The profile consists of three elements: the lips, the nose and the chin. The morphology of the chin has both emotional and psychosocial consequences. Its contour and shape determine the harmony of the face. The chin is both a central point of the face but also a point of reflection of light.

From the depth to the surface, it consists of :
– Bones.
– Muscles.
– The skin.


Static analysis

Static chin analysis consists of :

  • Evaluation of occlusive, skeletal and dental relationships.
  • The evaluation of the length / width ratio which is different between men and women.
  • The evaluation of the different morphotypes of the chin: progeny (advanced position of the chin), retrogénie (remote position of the chin), laterogeny (lateral position of the chin).
  • The evaluation of chin abnormalities (non-exhaustive list): The chin in galoche.,the double chin, the triple chin.

Dynamic analysis

Dynamic analysis is important for defining treatment and allows for :

  • Highlight the defects of support by asking the patient to tilt the head and reproduce the mimic ‘give a kiss’.
  • To demonstrate a hypercontraction which will amplify the aging of the chin by making a protrusion of the lower lip and contract the platysmal cords.

The criteria of an ideal chin 

2 (7)

The chin’s projection, given by the chin-neck angle, should be between 85-90.

3 (6)

The chin should sit 3mm behind a vertical line passing through the mid-point of nasal height and the most forward projecting point of the upper lip.

4 (7)

The combination of nose-lips-chin must be balanced: if a line is traced from the tip of the nose to the most forward projecting part of the chin’s flesh, the lower lip is 2mm behind this line, and the upper lip 4mm behind this line.

5 (6)

In terms of the lower face, the distance from the nose to the lip join (where the lips press together) must correspond to a third of the distance from underneath the nose to the chin.


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Acide hyaluronique

L’injection d’acide hyaluronique remplace de plus en plus la pose de prothèses chirurgicales.
Les inesthétisme qu’on peut corriger médicalement sont :
– Un menton mal défini ou peu projeté (menton fuyant), corrigé par l’injection d’acide hyaluronique. L’acide hyaluronique que j’utilise est Restylane Perlane, volumateur épais qui ne se déplace pas de cette zone où des tensions existent. Pour une projection importante, l’injection est  profonde jusqu’au contact osseux, et pour une projection légère, l’injection est souvent sous-cutanée.
– Un aspect de peau d’orange au niveau du menton, peut être également corrigé.
– La fossette et le pli sus-mentonnier, corrigés par l’injection d’acide hyaluronique en sous-cutané.
– Un menton qui manque de virilité peut être masculinisé, on peut ainsi obtenir  le menton carré et sexy de Brad Pitt.
– Un menton qui manque de féminité peut être féminisé.

Le produit reste en place environ un an.


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I’ve been seeing her regularly for two years because I have a receding chin, I don’t count on changing doctors! Sublime results.


Visible result and just perfect, I love my new chin. Thank you Doctor Romano.


I’m very satisfied with the obtained result on my chin, the result is natural, harmonious and feminine.


I was scared of the acts of cosmetic medicine, I dared and I do not regret it. My chin has been fixed and I’m very satisfied. Impeccable hygiene! Sweet and professional doctor. Thank you Doctor Romano.



Type of consultationAmount generally charged
Hyaluronic Acid350€ each syringe. The number of syringes needed is determinated during the initial

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