Lip gloss effect, natural hydration

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Most patients who come for consultation for the lips ask me for a volumetric increase. A smaller percentage only wants a moisituring

of the lips. A little more without volumetric increase. I proceed, in stages.


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Hyaluronic acid injectiosn to create the gloss effect

I use a moisturizing product rather than a volumizer. The hyaluronic acid is injected in submucosal, the quantity and the points injected depend on the wish of the patient ounger women ask me for a real gloss effect, in these cases the whole syringe is used.

Women of more mature age ask me for a slight hydration, in the photo below we can see the result before (A) and after (B) injection, a month after the lips are significantly more hydrated. In these cases I use a half syringe and the other half I inject it subcutaneously at the level of the white lip.

Hyaluronic acid injectiosn to sublimate the gloss effect

Once the gloss effect obtained it can be sublimated.

Create a natural vermillon border
The goal is to evaluate according to the patient's anatomy, a well-drawn vermillon border quickly values ​​a lip.

Discreet remodeling of the lower lip for a perfect smile
The bow of the ideal smile sees the curvature given by the upper incisors parallel to the curvature of the lower lip.

Restoration or creation of beauty curves
The lips can be flat, by genetic or aging, the goal is to create by injection an attractive lip profile without volumetric modification.

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I use a fractional ablative laser that I parameter to have a significant thermal effect and a mild ablative effect. The action is double, cutaneous because it smooths the skin and mucous because we restart the irrigation and therefore the vitality of this layer.

This option is used primarily for older women who do not wish to use injections.


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I am more satisfied with Doctor Romano’s work. She just made my lips more seducing and natural with the technique she invented, « glossy lip effect ».


I just wanted a little more peps on my lips without necessarily adding volume. Doctor Romano did injections and the result is very beautiful and natural. Thank you Doctor.


Hyper natural lips thanks! A simple hydration, magnificent result. Thank you Doctor Romano.


Doctor Romano sublimated my lips. I have plump lips, I just wanted to make them a little sexier. Doctor Romano offered the « glossy effect » technique. Pleased with the result.



Type of consultationAmount generally charged
Hyaluronic Acid350€ each syringe
Laser200€ each session, it needs 3-4 sessions.

Written by Valeria Romano

Former intern at the Hospitals of Paris Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris 7 – Paris Diderot Registered with the medical board of Paris, n° 75/80452 More informations

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