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My aim is to provide you with medical information of aesthetic medicine.
Nowadays, surgical acts are being increasingly replaced by aesthetic medicine, which allow for safe, natural rejuvenation.
The objective of aesthetic medicine includes reshaping and refining the body, and rejuvenation.

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Docteur Valeria Romano

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The term "aesthetic medicine" replaces, in everyday language, the term "Anti-Aging Morphological Medicine" which, is the title of the Diploma recognized by the Order of Physicians giving the medical expertise for the realization of a certain number of medical acts.

This term includes a set of treatments that are detailed in this site: injections, injections of hyaluronic acid, laser, peelings ...

The purposes are multiple:
-Treat or slow down the signs of aging.
-Create volumes and shapes that never existed.
-Embell the skin.
- Eliminate some skin imperfections.
Treating the complexes of the intimate life is the genital aesthetic.
The body, the face, the skin and the genital area are treated.

The imperative of all my acts is the 'french touch', the result must be natural.
"Many will mourn and weep over the artificial beauty but will not cry the natural beauty".

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The result of the mesopeel sessions were rapidly visible. There was a clear enhancement of the tonicity and the shine of my skin.


The mesopeel brought a radiance to my skin and made it softer. Thanks Doctor Romano!


3 mesopeel sessions allowed my skin to recover a visibly more homogeneous and luminous look. Thank you Doctor Romano!


I wanted to boost my skin without changing it too much. Doctor Romano advised me well and I did not regret it, the mesopeel was truly the solution for me!


Because of numerous UV sessions, the skin of my face had prematurely aged. Doctor Romano knew how to advise me and I opted for the laser peeling appropriate for my skin, I don’t regret this choice at all!


The laser peeling is truly the ideal treatment to illuminate one’s skin. I have a very good skin tone and rediscovered the pleasure of looking at myself in the mirror every morning! Thanks again Doctor Romano!


My tone was not the same as before, I could see a difference, I was recommended Doctor Romano. She advised laser peeling sessions. This treatment refined the grain of my skin and unified my tone. The immediate result is what truly pleased me.


I wished to give a radiant boost to my skin without it being too obvious. I contacted Doctor Romano for laser peeling sessions that really gave my skin a boost! Doctor Romano is very skilled, I recommend her!


The PRXT33 peeling erased my wrinkles and treated the skin surface irregularities. Thanks Doctor Romano.


After a deep overview of my skin Doctor Romano recommended the PRXT33 peeling. The skin on my face is more luminous and hydrated!


The skin of my cleavage didn’t please me, the PRXT33 peeling revitalized and smoothed it! I’m delighted with Doctor Romano’s treatment.


Thanks to the PRXT33 peeling my skin earned a radiance and luminosity and cutaneous imperfections were fixed. I’m very pleased with this treatment. Thank you Doctor Romano.


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